Pantry List

8.5.12 | Recipe by Renz
Have you ever been excited to make something at home and realise that you're missing a few things? It happens to me a lot. I hate it. A few years ago I ran into an article that listed the things that you should always have in your pantry. As you can see, I never did that, I always say I need to whenever I find myself having to run out for one item that I only need 1/2 a tablespoon of.

After searching the internet a bit i found this article that not only gives you a nice pantry listing. It also helps with how to stock your pantry. Another thing I don't follow.

Have a read. Taken from She Knows:


Rice (instant, converted) 
Canned diced tomatoes (assorted flavors and types) 
Canned artichoke hearts 
Canned reduced-sodium chicken broth 
Canned reduced-sodium beef broth 
Canned reduced-sodium vegetable broth 
Canned Mexi-corn 
Canned sliced black olives 
Canned ham 
Canned chicken 
Canned shrimp 
Canned solid white tuna 
Canned skinless, boneless salmon 
Condensed tomato soup 
Condensed cheese soup 
Assorted seasoned bread crumbs 
Dried pasta 
Jarred pesto 
Jarred Alfredo sauce 
Jarred roasted red peppers 
Extra virgin olive oil 
Canola oil 
Nonstick cooking spray 
Balsamic vinegar 
Stir-fry sauce 
Soy sauce 
Ramen noodle packages 
Boxed macaroni and cheese 
Soft white bread

Frozen meatballs Frozen seasoning blend Frozen vegetables (carrots, green peppers, green beans, mixed vegetables, stir-fry mix) Frozen onions (chopped and pearl) Frozen mashed potatoes Frozen French fries Frozen bread dough Frozen cooked shrimp
Lemon juice Eggs Grated Parmesan cheese Mayonnaise Dijon mustard Scallions (green onions) Celery Sour cream 
SEASONINGS AND SPICESSalt Ground black pepper Garlic salt Garlic powder Herbes de Provence Red pepper flakes Bottled crushed garlic Dried oregano Dried basil