Lasagne Soup

1.6.15 | Recipe by Renz
It is always great to transform one of your favorite dishes into another dish that is just as great. This is what happened with this lasagne soup. Thanks to Monterey Gourmet Foods and their amazing cheese ravioli I was able to convert one of my favorite meals into something else: lasagna to lasagna soup. 

 This soup is flavorful, and EASY! You know I love easy food.

This soup can be made from scratch but what makes it easy is that I used a lot of pre-made ingredients to get this up and running. You are free to make your meatballs from scratch, and your pasta sauce, but sometimes you we know we just prefer to get in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.

Using my pre-made meat balls I sauteed them for about 15 minutes in oil, then added my vegetables (celery, carrots and sweet peppers). You can use pre cooked meatballs also. You would not need to precook them before the vegetables are added. They can all be sauteed together.

Once vegetables are warmed up, let's add pasta sauce, stock, and seasonings and warm through.

Then we used Monterey Gourmet Foods' five cheese ravioli that I have fallen in love with for its flavor. 

These raviolis are not small and tasteless. They actually taste fresh and provided that real cheese factor of the lasagne to the soup. Moneterey's products use quality cheese and premium meats.

And it was done. Twenty minutes flat.

This was yummy. The vegetables still had a crunch to them. The meatballs provided just enough meat flavor. I added some left over tortilla chips to my bowl and on second round a spoon of ricotta cheese.

The ravioli held up great in the boil. A spoonful of soup and vegetables and ravioli all together really created a lasagne serving.

Everyone loved this soup. And it has been added to my list of repeats for dinner.


  1. Will you come over and cook for us lol?! Im suRe My hubby would be forever grateful to eat more food like this!

  2. Lasagna soup! I had never thought about doing that. My husband would love it. Thanks for the idea.

  3. oh wow does that look good! Pinned, tweeted and G+ shred this, cuz it looks too good NOT to share!

  4. I have never heard of this but I love traditional Lasagna. Thanks for the new spin on an old favorite! -M

  5. Lasagna SOUP? Never heard of this before but it looks sooooo yummy!


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