Pineapple Chutney

28.2.16 | Recipe by Renz

A tangy yet sweet mix of pineapple and hot pepper great for topping meats and seafood

Pineapple Chutney Recipe

As much as we love eating our main meals there are also some amazing sides and condiments that puts a dish over the top.

Today I give you this delicious pineapple chutney.

Sweet pineapple, cooked down with some hot peppers to give you a sweet, tangy and spicy condiment that you would want to put on everything. And I mean everything

This pineapple chutney is a perfect addition to just about anything. I have tried it. Yes I have tried it.

It works great on grilled chicken or seafood, but I've also added this on top of my stewed chicken, jerk chicken sandwiches and even my toasted bread with cheese.

Chutneys are so easy to make. Just grab some fruits, add some spices, juices and leave to let the flavors blend. You can easily replace pineapple with peaches or apricots.

How to make pineapple chutney

We commonly make mango chutney to eat with roti or just as a snack. Tambran (tamarind) chutney is also another popular one.

What I like about making my own chutney at home I can easily control the heat. *In a whisper* I am not a huge fan of pepper (Every time I say that to someone from the Caribbean they threaten to take away my passport). *normal voice*

So making my own allows me to not include the seeds of the peppers so that I can eat and not have to drink a jug of milk while my eyes burn.

A batch of this will last you a long time. Well that is unless you're like me and start putting it on everything so you really don't have much to freeze.

This chutney can easily be put to freeze and reheated when ready. Honestly, I use it straight from the fridge. And most times I don't have enough to put to freeze. But the option is there.

Recipe for pineapple chutney

I'm actually sitting here right now eating bread and cheese sandwich with a dollop of chutney on it.

And I also add a dollop of it in my aloo pies!! Yummy!!

What would you pair this chutney with?

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Pineapple Chutney: A tangy yet sweet mix of pineapple and hot pepper that is great for topping meats and seafood. #HomeMadeZaga