Refreshing Lime Juice

23.5.22 | Recipe by Renz

A beastly cold cup of freshly squeezed homemade lime juice is just what you need to cool down on hot summer days. Cool and refreshing, this recipe for how to make lime juice is also very easy to make.

Two mason jars full of Caribbean lime juice with a lime wheel for garnish.

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The Caribbean, and warm climates, on the whole, are the grounds for a lot of citruses. We have just about everything you can think of. From oranges to grapefruits, limes numerous versions of lemons, and all the other cousins and grafts.

We make a lot of refreshing drinks using the citrus we have readily available.

Fresh fruit juices are a Caribbean staple. Drinking juices from a box were very few and far between. I consumed a lot of lime juice growing up.

It was one of those "go-to" juices to make, especially since we had so many lime trees. It was as popular as fresh orange juice.

As the heat level rises and the fruits come into season, staying hydrated was key. And it was also cheaper than buying pre-made juices.

As the summer starts getting into full swing here, and the heat level starts rising, staying hydrated is key. This refreshing Caribbean lime drink is what you need.

This is an extremely popular recipe across all the Caribbean islands since we have an abundant supply of limes, especially in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

This is real lime juice. It may be called different names lime juice, limeade, Jamaican lemonade, or swank. It is just as popular as lemonade is in the United States.

Benefits of lime juice

We love using our citrus for a lot of things. But the taste isn't the only benefit. Limes are an excellent source of varying health benefits.

They are loaded with nutrients that can:

  • Help reduce risk factors as it pertains to heart disease,
  • It's great to help to boost immunity,
  • Helps with iron absorption can prevent kidney stones, and
  • Aids in promoting healthy skin.

How to select the best limes

Using some lovely fresh and juicy limes is best to make this perfect drink.

To get the most juice out of our limes, make sure that when you give it a squeeze it gives a little. A hard lime is lime with not much juice.

You don't want it to be too soft either. That most times means it's spoiling.

A heavy lime that "gives" when you squeeze it is the perfect lime to get top-of-the-line juice from.

Ingredients for lime juice

picture of the ingredients to make Caribbean lime juice or Jamaican lemonade.

As with all fruit juices, make sure you use fresh ingredients.

  • Fresh limes - Persian limes are the common ones used. If you use key limes you will have to use a bit more sugar and water.
  • Water - I use room temperature water to make my juice. Using cold water makes it a little harder for the sugar to dissolve.
  • Sugar - I always use granulated sugar but you can use any sweetener you prefer to use.
  • Vanilla essence/mixed essence
  • Angostura bitters


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How to make lime juice

Once you have selected and washed your limes, squeeze the juice out. I love using an electric juicer.

Once the fresh juice is extracted, I put about 5 cups of water into the juice and mix. Taste for acidity since the limes would vary.

Limes squeezed for concentrate to make lime juice.

If needed add more water.

Then sweeten with sugar.

Add your vanilla essence and dashes of bitters.

Set to chill.

Then you can serve it in a glass with ice cubes or just chilled.

Garnish with some lime slices when ready to serve.

How to store limeade

This can be stored in a jug or any container with a cover.

It is good in the fridge for up to a week, once tightly closed. After a while, it won't really spoil but the flavor will start to deteriorate.

What can lime juice be used for?

Besides drinking it straight, it can be used as a base for a lot of other drinks.

In fruit punches like my Caribbean punch. It can be a juice used in rum punches.

It can be great to accompany foods like jerk shrimp tacos, or some pholourie with tangy tambran sauce.

A mason jar filled with lime juice with a hint of mint.

Substitutions and Additions

Sweeteners - you can use any other sugar options like coconut sugar, or brown sugar. You can also use sweetener substitutes like stevia or agave syrup.

Simple syrup - You can also make a simple syrup instead of using sugar crystals. This would make for an easier mix of the sweetener since the crystals have already been broken down.

Lemons instead of limes - This would become a "lemonade" but if you are out of limes and have access to lemon juice it can be substituted.

Alcohol - Because we would add some to just about anything to drink. Great with some Absolut vodka.


This drink does not have to be made warm but definitely needs to be chilled to be enjoyed. Well, it can work over ice, but best served chilled for sure.

If you want to make it with chilled water, it would be best to use simple syrup to sweeten it. You would not have to worry about working to dissolve the sugar crystals.

It is also another one of those recipes you make to personal taste. If you like a more acidic lime juice use a little less water, If you prefer a less acidic or sweeter drink, add more water and more sugar.

A refreshing mason jar with Jamaican lemonade.

Can this be made ahead?

This drink is perfect for those summertime trips to the beach, family bar-b-ques, or even evenings sitting on the porch.

It's quick and refreshing and can easily be made ahead and kept chilled for days before actual use.

One thing for sure you are going to love about this is how refreshing this is.

A great addition to all those summer parties you're going to attend.

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