Flavorful Dhal and Rice

18.9.16 | Recipe by Renz

A low simmer meal that easily brings flavor to your dinner table

Trinidad Dhal Recipe

I have been feeling for dhal for over a week now. When I couldn't take it anymore I decided to get my split peas ready and fulfill my urge.

Dhal is one of those things that require a nice low, slow cook so that all the flavors can be combined. The onions, split peas, cumin all simmer low making this into a nice flavorful and an extremely delicious meal that I consider "easy" to make. But surely it's not "easy" flavor.

Not much is needed to eat with dhal. Commonly just some rice, or if you're fancy you can add some salted meat, but I can assure you rice is mainly all that you need.

If you never had dhal before, then yuh need to jump on the bandwagon. It's a pretty easy dhal and rice recipe

In Trinidad, it is extremely popular. It is sometimes accompanied with some curry chicken, aloo, alongside some pumpkin choka and roti.

But I much rather eat my dhal with some plain white rice and a little tomato choka.

How to make Dhal and Rice

The only thing that deters me from making this is the fact that if I want to make it right away, I can't. Split peas require some soaking if you do not have a pressure cooker. I am contemplating one of those electric pressure cookers though, but have been a bit hesitant. Has anyone been using them?

But yea. I soak my peas for a few hours, even overnight so that it gets nice and tender to be slow cooked. And I'm also extremely happy I have an immersion blender that helps me in the lower stages to mash up the peas. I like my dhal with some chunks. Some people prefer theirs to be smooooth.

Recipe for Dhal and Rice

Them my fav part for added flavor is to chunkay some garlic to add to the made dhal. Chunkay is basically sauteeing garlic in oil giving in some extra infused flavor. Expect some cackling as you throw it into the dhal but look forward to that deep flavor you get from the addition.

Dhal and Rice Recipe

Oh my gosh. My tummy is having good memories with this post.

You get a good amount from this, but the good thing about dhal is that it freezes perfectly. Since it's a process I always make sure I freeze so that next time I just have to warm up on the stove with a little water till it's warmed through.

Top my rice. Basmati or parboiled. I feel like dhal must be eaten with white rice but that could just be me.

Dhal and Rice

Have you ever made Dhal before? No? You better try it. and let me know!!

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Dhal and Rice Recipe