Sticky BBQ Jerk Chicken

18.10.16 | Recipe by Renz

This BBQ chicken is sticky and spicy and tender and the perfect option for a weeknight dinner.

BBQ chicken with jerk sauce

It's mid-week already!! I'm a little excited and a little apprehensive. Yay for the weekend being almost here, but how many more weeks do we have before the end of the year? 11 weeks or so? Time is flying.

In the midst of everything though, I think dinner is that time we need to take to sit down to eat something and something good.

This sticky BBQ chicken is something good. It's "stick to your fingers" good, with a kick of jerk seasoning that is so worth the little burn. I can assure you that you will still be licking your fingers while chomping through this deliciousness.

Do you think you have accomplished all your goals for the year? For the most part, I am extremely happy with the way 2016 has been so far (hope I don't jinx myself)

Anyway back to this finger-licking meal.

I can't say this is a quick and easy recipe.

It's fried to a nice golden brown and then baked in a spicy barbecue sauce. But you don't need to make your own sauce. Just use any BBQ sauce that you love and the jerk seasoning that you love (or you can just make your own and have it in the fridge)

BBQ chicken in Cast iron pan

I love using thighs for this recipe, but legs would also work well. You definitely would need something with the bone in to stand up to the frying and then baking.

All the chicken did not even make it into the photo shoot. While testing for "doneness" I accidentally could not stop myself from eating a piece. It started with a little edge, then a forked piece then all I know I was looking at the bone of one of the thighs.

BBQ Jerk Chicken in Plate

I am toooo greedy!!

But this chicken is too yummy!!

And you definitely need to try it

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