PawPaw (Papaya) Drink

14.11.16 | Recipe by Renz

A refreshing pawpaw (papaya drink) great for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up.

Recipe for pawpaw (papaya) drink

While trying to find a name for this post I learned that we make a lot of "punches". Why do we call, and by we I mean Trinis and Tobagonians, refer to everything that "mix up" as a punch? So I decided to go against our norm and name this a "drink". Clever huh? Haha.

So this is another mix-up drink that is beyond delicious and also has some major health benefits.

Another easy blend, this time with papaya, which is more popularly knows as pawpaw in the tropical climates.

Pawpaw is used in numerous ways in the Caribbean. We don't only just make drinks with it, but we also make candy from it - pawpaw balls and wine from it.

I can't think of ever having a not sweet papaya unless it was green. It's one of those fruits that I think never really disappoints you when eaten.

Punches always provide you with healthy benefits. Pawpaw is packed with more than just the regular Vitamin C. It is said to be great for cancer as it contains antioxidants that fight cancer-causing cells. It also aids in digestive disorders since it contains papain wich helps to break down proteins in food which will lead to better digestion. It is also great for inflammation.

Recipe for making papaya drink

This drink requires no effort. Just make sure that the pawpaw is ripe. (It can be almost a little over ripe). If it's just ripe make sure that any hard pieces close to the end are not included. That gives it a little bitter flavor.

I've never tried this with skimmed milk or almond milk, but I am sure you can easily substitute for what is best for you. What I love about punches drinks is you can also add what you. Adding some ice cream to this would make a great treat.

Papaya drink Recipe

Make it as thick as you want or as thin as you like. Thick and chilled makes for a great smoothie bowl with accompanying fruits.

However you want to make it, just make sure you enjoy it.

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