Callaloo Box - A Caribbean Subscription Service

17.9.17 | Recipe by Renz
A US-based, Caribbean subscription box featuring seasoning, marinades and hot sauces from Trinidad and Tobago.

Callaloo Box Subscription Service

This is just what I needed.

And if you are into Caribbean cooking and using spices, this is what you need.

I was elated to run into callaloo box, who has introduced the option of offering persons the ability to get marinades, sauces, and seasonings that are commonly used in Trinidad and Tobago.

This subscription service is a great option for persons who have difficulty finding Caribbean things in their area.

When I relocated from Tobago a few years back and moved to South Florida, I was a bit worried about finding all the condiments I had gotten accustomed to using while growing up. Though we think of South Florida as an extension of the Caribbean, and a good place to find "West Indian" things easily, sometimes it's not that easy.

And this is where I think callaloo box is going to be a winner.

What is Callaloo Box?

This would be an ideal box for anyone interested in diving into Caribbean cooking.

Created by 3 girlfriends, who like me, migrated from Trinidad and are living abroad, this subscription box program will provide a box a month to a subscriber with different products. The products will always be items used in Caribbean cooking. Currently, they are only delivering to the US, but Canada is going to be added soon

The purpose of this box is to help not only promote Caribbean cooking for persons accustom to cooking Caribbean food but to also aid those persons interested in diving into a new world of cooking. Being able to get your hands on authentic products easily would make a world of a difference. Have you seen the prices of some products on amazon??

This month's box came with 5 products that are basics for Caribbean cooking and that I use regularly in the dishes I've made.

Angostura Bitters

Angostura Bitters


Chief Green Seasoning

Though I love making my own seasoning, this bottled brand has saved my life on many last minute occasions.

Chief Green Seasoning

Sticky BBQ Jerk Chicken
Escovitch Fish
Chicken Pelau
Fish Broth

Hot and Tasty Pepper Sauce

Hot and tasty pepper sauce

Chief Kuchela

Chief Kuchela

Madras Curry

Madras Curry

Curry Aloo & Channa

This box came nicely packaged and packed at my door. I love that they also include an info sheet explaining what each item is along with suggested uses and some helpful tips for use

This is the perfect box, not just for avid cooks, but for those venturing into the kitchen for the first time. This would also make a great gift option for those college students venturing out into the new world.

Interested in Callaloo Box?

I have a special discount code for my followers. Use ZAGAT5 to get $5 off your first box once you sign up for a month to month subscription box.

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Callaloo Box Subscription
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