Callaloo Box - November Box

16.10.17 | Recipe by Renz
A US-based, Caribbean subscription box featuring seasoning, marinades and hot sauces from Trinidad and Tobago.

I recieved this box for free, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.

November Callaloo Box Items

Another month, another Callaloo box.

I was fortunate enough to get the November callaloo box and I was again super happy with the contents.

Another month, another great array of Trinidad and Tobago products.

If you recall, I initially received my first callaloo box and was super excited about it. If you haven't, then catch the first review of this subscription box here.

When I saw the contents of the November box, I was not disappointed.

As much as I like to make my spices from scratch, sometimes I'm just not able to. Life takes over so I am glad to have some pre-made condiments on hand.

Callaloo box has been great to me in that aspect. With condiments on hand, I have been able to get some things done quickly, especially while dealing with a newborn.

Did you catch my pholourie stuffed with shrimp on IG? I used the pholourie mix from the box instead of having to make my own from scratch. And replaced my homemade mango chutney with their tamarind chutney. It was a definite time saver.

As usual, products came well packaged and each box comes with a listing of all items. You also get suggestions on what each item can be used for. Great right?

For November you get some great Caribbean cooking staples. Tamarind hot sauce, tamarind chutney, and saffron powder. What you do with the saffron powder you ask? Use it to make my delicious one-pot Cuban yellow rice

The items for the November Callaloo Box

Then I saw one of my favorite things ever. Preserved plum. And not just any preserved, but Paula's. Every time I go home and am about to head back out of Piarco Airport (Trinidad's airport), I head to this little store on the corner and stock up on my preserved fruits. I opened this immediately.

November callaloo box items

Then there was pepper sauce and green seasoning.

Caribbean people love spicy food. So know we have a lot of pepper sauces and jerk seasonings sitting around. There are varying levels of spice and one of the hottest peppers is the Trinidad Scorpion pepper (check out The World's 10 hottest peppers list) and there's a bottle of that pepper sauce in there. I used a little bit in my corn soup and it was goood.

November Callaloo Box Items

So you see even if you are a regular in the kitchen or newly interested in Caribbean food Callaloo box is a great concept to use.

They offer shopping options of a one-time box, month to month subscription (use discount code listed below) and now even the option to buy single items in their callaloo store. (get that pholourie mix).

So go grab that box quickly. Even it's just to get those plums. You have until the end of October to get that order in.

Don't forget I have a special discount code for my followers. Use ZAGAT5 to get $5 off your first box once you sign up for a month to month subscription box.

November Callaloo Box Items

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