Callaloo Box - The Snack Box Edition

9.11.17 | Recipe by Renz
A review of Callaloo Box's snack box, full of  popular snacks from Trinidad and Tobago

I received this box for free, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Items from Callaloo Box's snack box

As I mentioned to my email subscribers, I have fallen so far behind with things. How could I think I can easily manage a new baby, blogging, life and now... I'm back to work? My gosh.

But I'm trying to play catch up with everything and it also includes another treat from Callaloo Box.

This time it's a snack box! SNACKKKS

Snacks are really an important part of the food scene in Trinidad and Tobago (probably the whole Caribbean). A lot of our snacks are homemade treats that are made from easily accessible items. So we do a lot of things with fruits, and  using basic kitchen condiments, turning them into must haves that have now been converted into packaged treats.

Callaloo Box is now offering the option to get snacks delivered to your door.

I was excited to see what was going to be in this box. I love to munch and nibble so the idea of it being on things I've grown up on was very exciting.

Snacks from Callaloo Box

November's snack box did not disappoint.

Again these girls provided great packaging. Though there wasn't any bottles in the box I still appreciated that the packages were not squished together so that the snacks themselves were in good shape.

The box came with 6 items!! Whoppee. Amchar mango, pepper plums, tamarind candy (which I know as tambran balls), toolum (which I have not had for years), kurma and split channa.

I loved everything. I mentioned before most of our snacks are basically homemade. I have made all of these at home at some time. Now, even though they are being packaged and sold at stores it still feels like home made.

Callaloo Box Snack Items

Some info for this snack box:
  • The price of this box is $29.99 and it's a month to month subscription. 
  • All subscriptions will be shipped in November (yes I am a bit late but you still have time)
This subscription, like the other's I've spoken about here and here, are definitely good ideas for Christmas gift. Who would not want to see some snacks showing up to their door every month?

And don't forget that you can get $5 off of the monthly subscription boxes and/or the one time boxes using my code: ZAGAT5

So by now you should have checked out Callaloo Box, but if not you can head to their website, or check them out on Instagram and on Facebook.

What's your favorite snack??

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