Coconut Jerk Chicken Wings with a Mango Mustard Sauce

16.7.18 | Recipe by Renz

Spicy, coco-nutty and crispy. This jerk chicken recipe infuses traditional fried chicken with quintessential Caribbean flavors.

Jerk Fried Chicken

Happy new week!

I continue the series of wings recipes this week.

We going to step away from the tangy wings and bring you a fiery one.

I introduce you to a succulent jerk wings recipe. But it's not that baked jerk wings.

This is a fried jerk wings recipe. The outside is nice and crunchy, the inside soft and succulent.

We pair it with the perfect dipping sauce with a spicy mango mustard dip; the ideal balance of sweet and hot.

A couple years ago I went to a food event prior to the Jamaican Jerk Festival here in South Florida.

It was a media event introducing people to Grace Food products. Grace is the official sponsor of the festival and is really a household brand in Caribbean households, especially Jamaicans.

The event was a cooking class and the chefs of the night were Chef Irie and Chef Andre Fowles.

I was super excited too because Chef Fowles had just come off of winning Chopped!! So bring on the excitement. (Rare photo of me included).

I did not plan for my outfit from three years ago to match these chicken pictures. Hahaha

For all the excitement that I had to see Fowles, Chef Irie stole the show.

I have been a Chef Irie fan since I saw his "Taste the Islands" tv series a few years back. It's a TV show here highlighting the different foods of the Caribbean.

He is personable, funny, and really makes you want to get in the kitchen and cook. Or more so makes me want to eat.

At the event, most of the demonstrations were done by him, I mean it is his hometown. The food that night was really good. From croquettes to soups to cakes. Amazing flavor combinations.

Grace gifted us with a great basket of products and we also walked away with a booklet of recipes from Chef Irie.

I totally forgot about that recipe booklet. So when I recently ran into the recipes I decided to dive in and make a little something.

This coconut jerk wings recipe is all Chef Irie's, give or take.

I glanced at the recipe/method and I was initially thinking "OMG, why this has so many steps". Time is usually of the essence, but I insisted on making it.

I have written the recipe down in the way that allowed me the best timing. There are a few slight adjustments made.

Coconut Jerk Fried Chicken

These wings have to be seasoned up, then put in a marinade, then soaked in a buttermilk bath. Yes. A lot.

But can I tell you that is how you get crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside fried chicken. I used wings here, but you can use any part of the chicken you like.

Grace products can be found at most Walmarts. They are usually found in the "international aisle".

They have a huge selection of their condiments. But have you tried Walmart grocery pickup? Heaven sent.

I sit at home and put all my grocery items in the cart, pay for it. I then drive there at the designated time I picked and someone loads them into my car. Genius! Now I just wish the person came home with me to unload them.

I let my wings sit overnight with the buttermilk. I was very busy that day I prepped, so I knew that it would leave it overnight and fry earlier the next day.

But you can do this all the same day but you should at least leave it to soak for an hour.

Can I make my own buttermilk?

Do you buy buttermilk?

It's something I don't usually purchase because I never see them in small sizes. I always see gallon bottles. I don't use that much buttermilk. So I always make my own.

This is easy. I just put lime juice in milk and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Whatever amount of buttermilk I need I use the equivalent amounts of plain milk and add a tablespoon of lime/lemon juice and mix.

The measurement is 1 cup of milk to 1 tablespoon of juice.

Fried chicken with a mango mustard sauce

I do wonder though if that really makes a true buttermilk. I have never used real buttermilk so I can't compare.

If you know if the "homemade" version I describe is really not as amazing as using the "real" one please let me know in comments. I need to try it.

I deep fried them for about 12 minutes. The skin was so crunchy. And the meat was so succulent.

But the dip.

You can make this beforehand and just store it in a bottle in the fridge.

I use this sauce like it's ketchup. On my rice with my sandwiches. Please don't just use this with your wings. It would be a loss in life.

With mangoes in season, no need to use any frozen mango cubes. Those cannot compare to fresh mango.

The mango needs to be ripe too to get the sweet. And the sweet needs to combat the pepper in this. Trust me

Fried Jerk Chicken

 I dipped a wing and crunched down. As soon as I did that I heard my sister scream "Renee you need to take pictures" bringing me back to reality.

Yummy yum yum.

Making all of this makes me realize I think I want to become a taste tester. Is that a job people hire people for? I think Chef Irie should hire me for his show. I wonder what the qualifications for that would be??

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  1. Thanks, made it one year during the Superbowl. Lost the recipe. Found it here again. Great Recipe, if one has the time.


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