Oxtail Soup in Slow Cooker

14.3.20 | Recipe by Renz
This oxtail soup in the slow cooker is the ultimate blending of flavors.

A hearty combination of meat and veggies creating an end result of a delicious soup which is just what your family would need for dinner.

Pot of finished oxtail soup in slow cooker

I know everyone is all into using their Instant Pots now to make quick meals but there are somethings that I feel still need to be low and slow.

And oxtail soup in my slow cooker is one of them.

This is a soup that is packed with flavors that are allowed to blend together as it cooks slowly. No rush. No sweat. Just simmering and blending of flavors.

When this is done all you need to do is serve and eat.

I used my electric cooker for this since it has the slow cooker option, but you can surely make this oxtail soup in a crockpot. You just need to do the first few steps on the stovetop then dump it into the slow cooker.

Oxtail is one of those meats that are prized. It's also the perfect meat to cook low and slow. It's "tough" and needs to be tenderized.

I also think it tastes best when it's brazed before cooking. Braising meat before cooking intensifies the great flavor of the meat to the soup.

Seasoned oxtails to be used to make sou
Seasoned Oxtail

As I mentioned I made mine in my Instant Pot, but I used the slow cooker function on there.

I chose to use this over my regular slow cooker since I wanted to braze the meat prior to leaving it to slow cook.

If you do not have an electric cooker, please just do the brazing on the stovetop then dump it into your slow cooker.

Yes, you can also just throw everything into the slow cooker, and skip the pre-steps but the taste of the soup is sooo much better with the brazed meats and getting the flavors started in the pot.

Some people like to flour the meat prior to braising. You do not have to. For this recipe, I add flour about an hour before it ends to start to thicken up the soup.

If you want to flour the meat prior, feel free. Just check the consistency later down and add more flour if needed.

This is a pic of the brazed oxtails in the instant pot

What to put in oxtail soup

Well, obviously oxtail. But then I throw in some:
- Sweet potatoes: either American or Caribbean versions will work
- Carrots: prefer to use organic ones and cut them up myself in disks
- Celery
- Pumpkin - I hate cutting up pumpkins but I much prefer using fresh. Squash can also be used instead

I thought of putting dumplings in there, but I opted against it. But feel free to throw in a few spinners if you want.

Ingredients to be used for the soup on a white plate

- Onion: I think a good amount of fresh onion is needed
- Garlic: Fresh again. I love using my garlic press to get it in there.
- Scotch bonnet pepper 
- And the other common pantry staples: salt, pepper, all-purpose seasoning, bouillon cubes, broth (beef broth can be used or even chicken stock.

Step by step images to make the soup base

How to make oxtail soup:

After removing the brazed oxtail add a little more oil to the pot to get heated. Add all the veggies to the heated oil and use that to deglaze the pan.

You do not want too much oil, because oxtail releases fat by itself.

Add the oxtail back to the pot and mix.

If it starts to get to heated in there and the onions are sticking add a little of the broth. No more than 1/4 cup.

You want to make sure you don't have burnt onions but you also want their flavors released with heating.

Dump in your carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, bay leaf, pumpkin, bullion cubes and mix that up

Then the rest of broth.

Now just about everything is in there but your water and hot pepper.

We need water in there, not just to cover the meat to slow cook but to make sure that there is liquid in the soup when it's done cooking.

If this was a stew we would just put enough water to get the meat cooked, but we want cooked meat and a broth for this dish.

So add water to about 1 inch or more above the level of the meat. Stir and taste for salt and pepper. Adjust as needed. Once that is done, add pepper.

Now we get to do the waiting game.

A bowl of finished oxtail soup

After 6 hours, check the soup for liquid and for consistency. If you think it needs to thicken a bit, add 1 tablespoon of flour to the pot and stir and leave it to continue cooking.

The meat should start to fall off the bone and be tender.

Serving of a bowl of oxtail soup

I would also taste for pepper closer to the end.

This is one soup I think needs to be a little spicy so if that scotch bonnet didn't take the spice level over the top, feel free to add some pepper sauce a little at a time.

Reheating tips

This soup is great the next day. You can put the whole pot back to a low boil, stirring as it reheats.

You can also take out a bowl amount and warm it up in the microwave. Stop it at intervals and stir to ensure even heating

Can this soup be frozen?

Yes, it can. BUT.. personally, I don't think it tastes that great after being defrosted and warmed up.

It tastes amazing the next day after making, but thawed and warmed after freezing actually was a no for me.

A large white bowl of delicious oxtail soup in the slow cooker

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A filling oxtail soup made in the slow cooker making a delicious broth and a tender cooked meat.

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