Mango ice cream with condensed milk

4.4.22 | Recipe by Renz

A delicious mango ice cream with condensed milk that you can whip up in no time. Just 4 ingredients for this tropical flavor that is made quickly without an ice cream maker. Just the perfect tropical dessert for the summer.

A picture of three scoops of mango ice cream with condensed milk in a coconut bowl.

There are two great things about this recipe. It's homemade ice cream and it has mango. Oh, three, and it's easy to make.

Fresh mango ice cream is the best. And with little ingredients used to make this, you are definitely getting intense mango flavor.

This is an easy no-churn homemade mango ice cream recipe that you don't have to fret about if you don't have any fancy equipment.

It's a no-brainer and can also be used as an ice cream base for any flavor you might want while using any other fresh fruit. So no more store-bought ice cream.

I love using the fresh pulp to make ice creams. My soursop ice cream recipe is another delicious dessert you should check out if you like frozen desserts.



A picture of the ingredients needed to make mango ice cream with condensed milk.

This mango ice cream recipe uses simple ingredients.

  • Mango pulp - using fresh mango is best. You get that natural sweetness and the consistency is perfect. Also, try to get a mango that is not too stringy.
  • Heavy whipping cream.
  • Condensed milk.
  • Vanilla extract.


Mixing bowl
Hand mixer, electric beater, food processor
Freezer safe container

How to pick the best ripe mango

You want to use ripe juicy mango or even overripe mangoes for this. You need soft flesh so that you can get a nice pureed mango pulp.

First, make sure that whatever type of mango you are using is sweet mangoes. You don't want tart ice cream. I would use a Julie mango for this as my first choice. Manila mango is another very sweet mango.

Then select a good mango.

  • First, give it a gentle squeeze and make sure it has some give. If it's ripe the skin will give slightly. If it's still green it won't budge.
  • Make sure there is no bruising on the skins which can cause fruit flies to get in and contribute to rotting.
  • Smell them. Ripe mangoes are sweet and have a very fruity aroma.
  • And I know we like to think of a color for a ripe mango but that is not always true. So use the checks above to pick the best one.

Making homemade mango ice cream

As I mentioned this recipe is very easy. You just need to do some blending and then some whipping and combining. No ice cream maker is needed.

Rinse your mangoes then peel them however you see fit. We need to remove the mango flesh from the skin and the seed. Try not to eat any while doing this.

Puree the pulp till a smooth puree, either using a blender or even a food processor. Or if you like to have some chunks, mix them into a chunky blend. Set this mango mixture aside.

Whip the heavy cream in a medium bowl till it starts to peak with stiff peaks. You can use a hand beater or a stand mixer on medium speed with the whisk attachment to do this. Just make sure you don't whip till it turns to butter. I whipped for about 7 minutes.

Then take the condensed milk and extract and combine it with the cream till you get a nice creamy texture. You can continue to use the whisk here, but I tend to use my spatula to combine at this point.

Take your fresh mango puree from the blender jar and add it to the milk mixture and combine well.

Once combined place your ice cream mixture into an airtight container that is good for the freezer. I love using this tovolo container to store my frozen dessert.

Place in your freezer and leave to freeze for a few hours or overnight till firm.

You just made no-churn mango ice cream!!

A close up of a scoop of homemade mango ice cream.


Frozen mango chunks - If you cannot get fresh, thick mango pulp then you can resort to frozen mango. But know that the consistency will not be as creamy.

Canned mango pulp is another good substitution.

Use a bread pan to store the ice cream instead of an ice cream container. If you don't have a freezer container, a bread pan works well. Wrap it with plastic wrap and make sure that the wrap is touching it. Try to avoid touching with your warm fingers.

Best way to store ice cream

The worse thing to happen is for ice cream to get freezer burn. Here are some ways to avoid it happening.

We should store our ice cream away from temperature changes. This way we can minimize the amount of time the ice cream spends exposed to oxygen.

We shouldn't store the ice cream near the front of the freezer because this may cause temperature fluctuations. We should store the ice cream in a cool place away from the heat source (the back of the freezer).

How long will mango ice cream keep in the freezer?

Once your freezer container is tightly sealed every time, this ice cream can be good for up to a month maximum.

Regardless of how much we try to not let ambient air in so that freezer burn doesn't occur, it will get in. Some people prefer to use smaller containers to store because it allows for less air.

Ice cream without preservatives will still degrade after being stored for a long period of time with texture and flavor changing.

A cone of mango ice cream made at home.


  • Make sure for the pulp of the mango it's nice and thick. If you have a watery puree, it will lead to ice crystals being formed when freezing.

  • We need to freeze our bowl before we start to whip the cream. This will help us to get whipped cream faster and in turn aid in faster ice cream creation. Going from making to freezing as quickly and as cool as possible helps to limit the occurrence of ice crystals.

  • Choose a mango that is sweet. The sweeter the mango the fewer artificial sweeteners you would need to add to the mixture. If you happen to not get a sweet mango, then you can add a little sugar to help.

  • Make sure that the heavy cream is chilled before use. It helps.

  • If you have mango essence, these can also help to enhance the mango flavor.

  • Ever seen some really yellow mango ice creams? If you want to also enhance the color you can use some yellow food color. But it is not needed.



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