Easy Trini garlic sauce

5.5.22 | Recipe by Renz

The perfect sauce to top just about anything in my opinion. A creamy garlic sauce made with mayonnaise, chadon beni and spices. You will be putting this condiment on everything!


A bowl of mixed trini garlic sauce, with a lifted spoon of sauce to show details.

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This is a delicious sauce. And this is a simple recipe process that creates a kicker sauce.

This is the epitome of sauces. It's one of our most popular sauces in Trinidad and Tobago that started off first as a condiment in our famous bake and shark but is now used on just about anything from pelau to meats.

Garlic sauce is a popular condiment across different cultures, but we have made this a "Trini" garlic sauce by adding flavors that have become staples in our cooking scene. Streetside food vendors offer this sauce to accompany whatever they sell.

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What is Trinidad garlic sauce made of

This condiment sauce is a popular sauce that we use on just about anything. It's a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, with garlic and other seasonings.

By now you should realize that chadon beni is the herb ofTrinidad and Tobago. Though in this recipe the main ingredient is garlic, it would not be the TRINI sauce if it didn't have some of that tanginess of chadon beni included.

So with that tanginess, then the little sweetness from the sugar, and the kick of the garlic this creamy combination is a must-make.

Trini garlic sauce recipe ingredients

The simplest of ingredients are needed for this simple and straightforward sauce mixture

Ingredients for making Trini garlic sauce.

  • Garlic.
  • Mayonnaise. I like using Hellman's mayonnaise because I find their spread has flavor on its own.
  • Chadon beni/Culantro
  • Sugar - this can be brown sugar or granulated sugar.

Equipment for garlic sauce

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Blender or food processor

How to make Trinidad-style garlic sauce

What I love about this simple garlic sauce, you don't need to turn on any stove, or oven to make it. It's a simple blend together.

Peel the garlic and remove the heads of the cloves.

Wash your garlic and chandon beni very well to clean them of dirt or debris.

Chop up the chadon beni if you wish then combine it and the garlic in the blender.

A measuring cup of cleaned garlic cloves and chopped up chadon beni leaves to get ready to blend to make trini garlic sauce.

Add the mayo with the sugar and combine well until you have a smooth velvety sauce.

Taste and adjust to your liking.

The blender bowl of crushed garlic and chadon beni, along with sugar and mayonnaise to be blended for garlic sauce.

Tips on adjusting for different textures are below.

How to use Trini garlic sauce

Blended Trini garlic sauce on a knife.

This is versatile and can use anywhere or on anything, type of sauce. It's great as a dip, or a topper, and can be a mimic for mayonnaise on sandwiches.

You will love the versatility of the sauce.

Use it as:

Storage of garlic sauce

Once made, you can use it right away, or it can be stored in a clean, airtight container and placed in the fridge.

You can also use a condiment squeeze bottle or sauce bottle. I actually put the sauce back into the mayonnaise squeeze bottle that I used.

Close up of Trinidad garlic sauce in a clear bowl with chadon beni in the background.

How long does homemade garlic sauce last in the fridge

This sauce can last in the fridge for up to 3 to 4 months in the refrigerator. It is important that the sauce is in an airtight container and not left open for too long.

Just make sure that if you are using a spoon in the container, it is a clean spoon so that it does not get contaminated.

How do you thicken garlic sauce?

I do not initially use water in this recipe. So the texture should already be thick. If you went ahead and added some water to the mixture, you now feel like it's too thin. You can thicken it back up by adding some more mayo.

Additionally, if you find the consistency is too thick, and you want a thinner sauce, you can add water. A little at a time. I would suggest starting with tablespoon amounts at a time.

How can you tell if garlic sauce is bad?

If the color of the sauce starts to darken then it's time to get rid of it.

Also if you see it starting to separate or has a pungent smell.

A spoonful of garlic sauce being pulled from the jar.


A few notes to help tweak the recipe to your liking


Like with anything, there are variations and additions you can make to this sauce.

Additional seasonings

You can add some additional seasonings to this to make it more dramatic. Things like mustard, lime zest or lime juice, chive, black pepper, and salt.

If you want it to be a spicy sauce: Use some fresh pepper for spice. This can be any hot pepper like scotch bonnet pepper or habanero pepper.

Additional tanginess

This has a slight tanginess, but if you want a heavy taste, add more chadon beni leaves to get a sharper taste. The color would be greener also.

Want a thinner garlic sauce

You can use additional water for the sauce or white vinegar.

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