Guyanese Mango Sour

28.8.16 | Recipe by Renz
The perfect sauce mixed with sour and savory, great for dipping all of your savory foods.

Guyanese Mango Chutney

As much as we love our main dishes, we do put a lot of emphasis on all the other things that accompany it. This includes our beverages and our sides. They are just as important in making a meal a good one.

We have a lot of dips and sauces using different vegetables and fruits. A very popular sauce is mango sour. It's a popular Guyanese dipping sauce used with pholourie, or a dollop in doubles or can easily top some meat. It's slightly sour, with some heat (spicy) and easily compliments anything savory.

This is the dip you need to try.

It is very common for things to be called different names across the islands. It is not uncommon for a fruit to have one name in Trinidad and Tobago (for example pommecythere) and be called golden apple in the Barbados and Guyana or June plum in Jamaica and Bermuda. Confusing no?

The same goes for this mango sour, though called by that name in Guyana, we easily call this mango chutney in Trinidad and Tobago.

This mango sour recipe is so easy. The mango pulp is simmered down in some garlic, and culantro and becomes a nice thick chunky dipping sauce.

Guyanese Mango Chutney

Some people like to put the ingredients in the blender before simmering to get it to a nice fine texture (or rub the mango on the grater like I did for the cucumber chutney), but for me, I like my mango chutney to have some chunks in it. A sweet bite of a chunk of spicy mango is a great surprise.

Guyanese Mango Chutney

Can you imagine this with some wings? Oh my gosh. Perfect companion.

As much as I love the main part of a meal, the accompanying stars need to be just as amazing. I think this sour is the great second star.

Guyanese Mango Chutney

Caribbean chutneys are the perfect examples of foods adapting as this sauce was brought over to us with your East Indian indentured laborers.

Do you know besides the chutney food, we also have chutney music?? A blend of Indian folk music with soca and calypso.

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