Mango Passion Fruit Juice

6.7.20 | Recipe by Renz
Looking for that refreshing combination to cool down your day? This mango passion fruit juice is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, and refreshing.

Three glasses of mango and passion fruit juice mix

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I grew up having the benefit of being able to go outside and pick our own fruits to make juices.

We had just about any tropical fruit you could think of.

From varying mangos (julie, ice cream, starchy) to cherries, pommerac, oranges, grapefruits, pommecythere, passion fruit, pomelos/shaddock, and a few more.

Juice combinations ran from plain old single fruit to combinations made up from whatever was in season at the time

One great combination is mango and passion fruit. I mean even Starbucks has its own mango passion fruit drink.

This is a combination of sweet, from the ripe mango, and tart from the passion fruit.

Great fruit combinations make for such refreshing drinks. Another favorite is this pineapple and cucumber juice. Pure freshness.

What is passion fruit?

This fruit is also known as grenadille, maracujá, maracuya or lilikoi.

Passion fruits cut with some seeds in and some seeds in a bowl

Passion fruit can either be yellow or purple in color and is found growing on a vine.

I grew up mainly with the yellow ones.

It has this very tart taste. Some may say even sour. The riper it gets though, the sweeter it becomes. Most times

The interior of the fruit is what is eaten. It's a pulpy inside filled with seeds.

I know people are sometimes concerned with the seeds but they can be eaten with no recourse. Ask my toddler.

Passion fruits are filled with antioxidants and are known to have multiple amounts of beta carotene.

Nutritional benefits of mango

And then we want to include the best ever, mangoes.

Varieties of these are in the thousands.

And the benefits of mangoes are endless.

Mangoes, among other benefits:
  • help with digestion
  • promote a healthy gut and eye health
  • clears the skin
  • lowers cholesterol
  • aids with clearing the skin from blemishes
For this recipe, we want to get the mango at the sweetest point. Ripe.

A ripe mango should be gently squeezed to test it is soft. Not firm and hard.

It needs to give slightly when you touch the skin like what happens with ripe peaches.

I try to avoid stringy mangoes for this. But you can use them. You will just need to strain them out to get the juice and less string.

Mango sliced with cheeks off showing pulp of mango

Equipment and Tools

For this recipe it would be good to have a:
  • Sieve of some type. This could be a regular strainer (what I use) or cheesecloth
  • A good non-reactive bowl to catch the juices that have been strained. I don't like using plastic containers because they sometimes retain the smell of the last thing you stored in there.
  • A good blender of some sort. It doesn't have to be a big brand blender. In fact, my ninja blender worked fine mixing the pulp of the mango

Glasses of mango passion fruit juice close up shot


Even though I prefer using fresh fruits to make these drinks if you don't have access to the fresh there are brands that sell the pulp all ready for you to use.

I love the Goya brand who has numerous pulp products including passion fruit and mango pulp. They are sold in Walmart and in a lot of supermarkets found in large Caribbean communities.

Passion fruit juice in glasses with passion fruit and mango slices in front


The best way to get the juice from the passion fruit is to simply strain the pulp with a spoon.

Passion fruit can be tart, make sure your mango is not green and acid to taste

Use granulated sugar to not distort the color of the juices.

Hand holding a glass of mango passion fruit juice

Grab these other refreshing drinks this summer:

Image of mango and passion fruit juice with text for pinterest