17 Caribbean bread recipes to try

28.3.20 | Recipe by Renz
Bread is an integral part of any Caribbean home. Baking is a weekly ritual. I have the perfect lineup of Caribbean bread recipes that I think you should try.

Different Caribbean Bread

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Homemade bread-making is a real, full-time thing in the Caribbean.

We can spend hours every weekend mixing and kneading dough to make some kind of bread in some form to feed the family.

Depending on where you are too, it becomes a collective effort, to feed multiple families.

Our bread can vary from loaves to rounds, flat discs.

It can be sweet or savory.

Some can require yeast, others do not.

And sometimes it's not even the traditional bread loaf, but some other flour-based item that is used to fill a family using the most basic item of flour

1. Hard Dough Bread

A popular Jamaican delicacy, this bread is firm on the outside, dense, and tender on the inside. With a slightly sweeter hint than other bread, it's perfect for sandwiches that require a firm base.

Recipe: Hard Dough Bread

A whole loaf of Jamaican hard dough bread.

2. Coconut Bake/Roast Bake

A "bread" with coconut milk and grated coconut, roasted in the oven. Perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Recipe: Coconut Bake/Roast Bake

Coconut bake (roast bake), cut up into slices and served on a brown serving board.

3. Butter Bread

Caribbean butter bread loaf recipe where the bread is rolled up with butter. Perfect to eat alone or create the perfect sandwich.

Recipe: Butter Bread

Two loaves of freshly baked butter bread.

4. Fry (Fried) Bakes

The quintessential Caribbean breakfast bread is fry baked. It can be perfectly paired with saltfish buljol.

Recipe: Fry Bake

Three fried bakes with saltfish on a serving plate.

5. Festival/Fried Dumplings

A fried dough like bread. Popularly known as "festival" in Jamaica and is best paired with some fried fish

Recipe: Festival/Fried Dumplings

Festival wrapped in gazette paper.

6. Coconut Bread

Pan de Coco Levado (Leavened Coconut Bread Rolls) is a soft melt-in-your-mouth bread, perfect for a tropical-inspired breakfast or light dinner.

Recipe: Coconut Bread

Three coconut bread on a napkin.

7. Coco Bread

Coco bread, is a Jamaican delicacy. The bread contains some coconut milk and is starchy and slightly sweet. Popularly split in half to put a nice juicy patty.

Recipe: Coco Bread

8. Sweet Bread

This coconut-based bread would leave you rushing for another slice. A sweet bread filled with raisins, dried fruits, and spices. Perfect to be eaten alone or paired with your favorite spread.

Recipe: Sweet Bread

9. Sada Roti

Sada roti is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread that is found throughout the Caribbean. It is a leavened flatbread eaten for breakfast or dinner with a variety of vegetarian, fish or meat

Recipe: Sada Roti

10. Roti

Roti is a type of Indian flatbread that comes in many different types and flavors. This is usually served with stews such as curry or baigan choka. It's very popular in India and parts of the Caribbean

Recipe: Roti

11. Tennis Rolls

This is a bread roll that is slightly sweet with a hint of lemon and vanilla. A Guyanese special.

Recipe: Tennis Rolls

12. Whole wheat bread

The best homemade Whole Wheat Bread with just a few ingredients. This bread will sure to be a favorite in your home.

13. Plait Bread

Plait Bread (Guyanese Style) is a hand-kneaded white bread that is soft and buttery. It is perfect for stews and pairs nicely with Pepperpot

Recipe: Plait Bread

14. Bake stuffed with corn beef

15. Coconut Bake Biscuits

A combination of coconut bake and cheese biscuits, this makes the perfect breakfast sandwich or afternoon snack. This is an easy and foolproof recipe.

16. Aloo roti

Recipe: Aloo Roti

17. Hops Bread

Hops bread is Trinidadian bread rolls that have a great crusty top and are soft and fluffy on the inside

Recipe: Hops Bread


We are so excited to share these favorite bread recipes with you. If you have a favorite we would love to add it to the list. You can comment below.

A roundup of delicious Caribbean bread recipes. Perfect to practice your baking skills.