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Hey! I’m Renee, fondly called Renz.

I’m a mother, employee, and blogger. I’m always asked how do you balance it all? Truth be told, I DO NOT! 😩

I work full time, blog 3/4 time and I have a toddler. It takes determination and sometimes a few tears to just trying to keep everything going, but I truly love being in all those roles. So, I make the time to succeed at them all.

Picture of renz holding a cake in an orange dress.
I developed a love for crafting culinary delights while in college. I needed to eat, and there was no one to cook for me. Buying food was becoming expensive, so I needed to start cooking for myself quickly.

I went into overdrive and hit the kitchen. I’ve burnt a few things along the way. One time the fire truck even appeared at my home 😂. After several failed attempts, and just wanting to do better, I got better.

Now, I love being in the kitchen. It’s my place to recharge from a stressful day, especially when recipe testing is turning out well. 

The most rewarding moments are always hearing “I tried your recipe and it came out so good”, especially when it’s from first-timers ❤️. That’s me achieving my goal of having someone be successful with my recipe.

I want to make this blog the focal point of Caribbean food.

I intend to highlight the melting pot diversity of our food and its history. And hopefully encourage not just persons of Caribbean heritage, but other persons who want to venture into our kitchens.

Think of this blog as your go-to zone for recipes that allow you to craft Caribbean cuisine with zesty flavors that make your taste buds tingle.

My easy-to-follow recipes are specially designed for busy Caribbean moms like myself who want to create signature Caribbean soul food without spending hours in the kitchen (Well for most recipes).

I am especially proud to be able to introduce to more and more people the culinary aspects of the Caribbean islands. It has been with much gratitude to not only be able to have other "islanders" reminisce about the food they may have grown up with but to be able to also introduce a new group of people to the magic that is "Island" food.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest. You can also send me an email at homemadezagat[at]gmail[dot]com or by my contact form.

Please take the time and poke around as we both try to be the Top Chef in our own kitchens.

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