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Easy Trini garlic sauce

The perfect sauce to top just about anything in my opinion. A creamy garlic sauce made with mayonnaise, chadon beni and spices. You wil...

Trinidad saltfish accra

A popular Caribbean finger food, saltfish accra is a delicious combination of salted cod mixed in a batter with fresh herbs and fried till g...

How to boil plantain

One of the simplest side dishes you can find is boiled plantain. It's the perfect sweet side dish and can be paired with just about anyt...

Pigeon Peas Soup

A hearty soup, with a deep earthy flavor of pigeon peas with ground provisions and dumplings. Always a crowd pleaser, pigeon peas soup is a ...

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Little girl with a big appetite. I'm all about food infused with some of my Caribbean ingredients. You can learn some more about me

Caribbean Side Dishes

Make the perfect pair for any dish with any of these delicious side dishes

Caribbean essentials

If you want to add that flavor, these are the "must haves" in creating delicious Caribbean dishes