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How to make chicken foot soup

This delicious pumpkin-based soup cannot be passed by. This one-pot meal is chock full of your favorite root vegetables and chicken foot. Ch...

Basic Trinidad stew chicken

If you looking for a delicious dinner option, this Trinidad stewed chicken is a perfect option. This comforting chicken stew is cooked ...

Easy no churn Guinness stout ice cream

If you are looking for a perfect dessert, then look no further than this Guinness stout ice cream. Not only is this thing packed with d...

Trinidad Tomato Choka

An easy recipe for making Trinidad tomato choka. A roasted tomato dish with a deep smoky flavor that can easily be eaten during any meal. Th...

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Caribbean Side Dishes

Make the perfect pair for any dish with any of these delicious side dishes

Caribbean essentials

If you want to add that flavor, these are the "must haves" in creating delicious Caribbean dishes