Ginger Pineapple Lemonade

15.5.16 | Recipe by Renz

If you are looking for that refreshing drink to cool you down through the hot days, then this Ginger Pineapple Lemonade is it. A refreshing mix of citrus juices, with a gingery syrup and some cooling seltzer, makes it the perfect drink for the hot summer days.


It's that time when we need to start to grab the extra sunscreen and pump the AC ALLLLL the way up. OMG, this weekend the weather in South Florida was ridiculous.

It was 93 degrees at 11 am!! Can you imagine what it felt like at 1pm? Hoooooot!!

This pineapple ginger juice saves lives. I assure when that heat hits you where you are, you are definitely going to grab this amazingly refreshing lemonade and be very happy you did.

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I got hooked on ginger pineapple getting fresh juice from the Jamaican restaurants.

Everybody has their own mix, some with more ginger, more pineapple. But I think my mixture has the perfect balance with a few additional treats.

This is the FIRST drink every member of my family devoured in less than an hour AND it had NO alcohol. Like the heat we are getting, this is record-breaking!!

I think it's officially summer. And me thinks Florida is in for a doozy.

I can't really put into words how refreshing this drink is. It truly hits the spot.

A pic of a close up of a glass of ginger pineapple

Ingredients for this juice

What I love abut this juice is using fresh ingredients.


For the pineapple I opted to use unsweetened pineapple juice and let me explain why.

Fresh pineapple can surely be used. You will have to just make sure that you blend and strain and have enough juice to match the required amount.

You do have to be careful that your pine is not too sweet since we use a simple syrup to create the ginger mix and that is already sweet.

I add sparkling water to this also. Preferably lemon/lime flavor to add some more flavor. But to be honest it's optional.

You can mix everything together minus the seltzer, and taste it and if it is too strong for you then add seltzer as needed.

Is pineapple ginger juice good for you?

It definitely is good for you.

Ginger is a Caribbean staple to use for any ailment. It is great for your digestive system.

Pineapple not only has vitamin C but copper, beta carotene, and B6. It supports the digestive system and helps to boost immunity and inflammation.

Concerned about the sugar for the syrup. There are few sugar replacements out there. Or use your favorite sweetener.

A pic of a full glass of ginger pineapple lemonade with ginger slices

I love the chilled seltzer added to this. If you happen to want just juice you can omit. Or add as needed.


- Adding turmeric to this is great. But not too much. You can use turmeric powder. I just sprinkle some in
- Instead of seltzer use champagne. Kind of like a mimosa. Pour drink halfway then fill the rest with your favorite bubbly.

So go ahead and mix up a batch of this lemonade. And let me know if your family breaks our record of drinking this out in less than an hour.

And don't be afraid to add some rum to the mix. But don't tell my mom I said to do that!!

What are your favorite lemonade combinations?

With the heat that's coming this way I know, I'll be on the lookout for some new recipes

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Ginger Pineapple Lemonade