Refreshing Cucumber Juice

30.6.16 | Recipe by Renz

An extremely refreshing juice made from cucumber and mixed with lime and a little ginger. Not only refreshing but packed with healthy benefits. Perfect for the summer weather, this cucumber juice not only refreshes you but provides the benefits of "cooling".

Cucumber juice

What is the temperature in your City?

I feel like as much as I was longing for summer to get to Florida, I am not ready for these constant 98 degrees at 10am. NOT!!

So I have resorted to cooling it down as much as possible with juices I love. Lemonades, lime juices, mocha shakes, and now my cucumber juice.

Cucumber is that all cooling drink. You know "Cool as a Cucumber".

And my mix of cucumber and a little lime juice does just that for this summer heat.

I first had cucumber juice in a Jamaican restaurant some years ago. It's not something we drink in Trinidad and Tobago that I know of. We use cucumbers for salads more than anything else.

Anyway, I love looking in the fridge in Caribbean restaurants to see what combination of juices they have, and was pleasantly surprised with the cucumber.

It was so cool (sorry I just had to use it). Surely akin to coconut water, where it's amazingly refreshing but really doesn't have a distinct strong flavor.

What are the health benefits of Cucumber juice? 

 The list of benefits of cucumber juice is endless.

  • It supports healthy skin, 
  • It is a great vegetable for vitamin A and aids in eye health, bone growth, and reproduction. It is also a great source of fiber and sodium.
  • It delivers antioxidants 
  • Some even say it may prevent cancer

Jamaican Cucumber Juice

But I think the most popular benefit of cucumbers and their juices is the premise of their "cooling" abilities.

The juice of cucumber helps to normalize your body's temperature and some people say as a result it's a great drink to have when you have a fever.

Let's ignore those benefits though and look at the most important thing, especially for me,  the taste of this drink.

Cucumbers are what, 90% water? So just imagine chilled water, with some lime juice and ginger? Refreshing enough?

Jamaican Cucumber Juice

I always ensure I use fresh cucumbers (organic is obviously much better). Cucumbers sometimes have worms in them, so keep an eye out.

How to choose the best cucumbers?

Make sure the cucumbers are looking fresh. They should have a bright color and even colored skin.

Avoid those that have dullness or some signs of sweating. More chances they are starting to spoil. Most times those are stinky.

Pick it up and make sure it's firm. If it bends easily, most times the insides are starting to get mushy.

Avoid ones with blemishes, soft spots, or even those starting to get yellow.

And do you store your cucumbers in the fridge? I usually did, but I find that they actually last a little longer on my countertop.

Even though most times I buy them to use them right away, a few times I had to let them sit for a bit.

Jamaican Cucumber Juice

The quality of the cucumbers makes a difference to the taste, so really be careful of what you pick.

I make my juices last no more than 6 days. Any juice I make pineapple, cucumber, lime. After 6 days flavor and quality start to get compromised.

Make sure you save it in a jug or container that has an airtight cover. I love using mason jars for my juices/jams/sauces. Just about everything. They make it easy to grab and go.

So go ahead and dive in!!

Easy Cucumber Juice

You need to stay hydrated!

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