Soursop Drink

28.6.20 | Recipe by Renz

Looking for a refreshing thirst quencher? Then this soursop drink is definitely for you. 

 This tangy juice drink is just what you need with these rising temperatures. It's also packed with amazing health benefits. Refreshing and healthy.

Jug and glass of soursop drink with soursop
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And summer is here in full swing. I know South Florida is already hitting those 90s and 100s and we are just in June.

So what's needed is liquids and liquids and more liquids.

So that's why today I'm sharing with you one of the most refreshing drinks you could ever have. 

This soursop drink will quench all the thirst.

It's a slightly tart but refreshing drink and full of healthy benefits

What is soursop? 

Soursop is this green fruit with a prickly outside. The inside has a fleshy "meat" that is cream in color. There are some black seeds on the inside. 

I heard the seeds are not good to consume

Soursop is also known as guyabano/guanabana. Some regions also call it custard apple, sasalapa, or Brazilian paw. 

It's called soursop because it has a sour or more so acidic taste.

Normally, we just eat it by cutting it open and spooning the inside into your mouth. But we also use it to make juice (with or without milk), smoothies, soursop ice cream, and even candy.

The leaves of the tree are also used to make tea. Allegedly, the leaves help the body to self-heal from various ailments.

Picture of a soursop fruit

Soursop juice benefits

Is soursop juice good for you?

Yes, it is

It has antioxidants that aid in preventing cell damage and can possibly lower the risk of chronic illnesses.

It boosts immunity as it is rich in vitamin C which helps stimulate white blood cell production.

It is known to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and remove excess toxins from the body. It is good for gut health

How to pick a soursop

I find soursops at my local grocery stores most times. When they are in season you can especially find them selling in communities that have large Caribbean or Latin American populations.

So check your local Sedanos, Presidentes, and even the Asian markets.

When ripe, this fruit is light green, kind of yellowish in color. When you touch it, the skin will sink in a little. Just like when you test a peach to see if it is ripe.

You need to examine it before you choose. The worse thing is to get home after buying a 'sop and you open it and it's all rotten on the inside. 

Pick the one you want up and check to make sure there is no kind of lesions on there. No holes. 

Soursops are easily prone to bacteria. If there are any breaks in the skin it can result in the fruit getting rotten. So make sure no breaks in the skin at all.

Also, make sure that the smell of it isn't sour. If you think it might be just put that one down. Look for flies too. That's a sure sign that there is a break somewhere and they are getting to the inside flesh of the fruit. 

I always give it a smell. If it's a very very strong sour smell, avoid it.

How to make soursop drink

For this drink of soursop juice, here are your main ingredients:

- medium-sized soursop (bigger than a regular mango) 
- water
- lime juice (I prefer to use juice from limes rather than bottled lime juice that is extremely acidic)
- vanilla extract or essence
- Angostura bitters
- sugar
- salt

Process shots of making soursop drink

Once the flavor starts to come together, you will obviously sweeten as you prefer. Just keep tasting and adjusting to your own likeness.

To me, this is best served chilled and then over ice, if you wish.

A glass of soursop drink

And don't forget to add that lime. It is a nice addition to the drink.


You can also make this drink with milk. My family would more call that soursop punch.

If you want to add milk to this, do not use the lime. 

Also no need to add sugar. Just add condensed milk and sweeten to taste.

Or you can add your favorite milk and sweeten with your sweetener of choice.

A full glass of refreshing soursop juice

Can you freeze soursop juice

Soursop can easily be frozen to be used later. You have two options on how to freeze it.

Option 1: Peel the fruit, take out the seeds and the spongey middle and freeze the flesh. You can leave it as one whole piece or cut them up into smaller pieces. It doesn't matter. This is good when you not sure what you want to do with it yet. 

If you want to make ice cream later down this is the best option.

Option 2: You can just freeze it as juice. The same process to make this juice. Peel and discard seeds and center. Add water to it and strain/squeeze out all the liquid. Then just freeze the juice. 

You can easily freeze the juice in trays and then drop them into a bigger freezer bag later. 

When you are ready to use it, take it out of the freezer and bring to room temperature

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Jug of soursop juice with soursop and a glass of soursop drink