Delicious Beet Punch

10.10.16 | Recipe by Renz

A quick and easy beet root drink that is not only delicious but nutritious.

Beet root Punch

Finally I can get back to some blogging.

Hiii everyone. What a week I had. First we had to make some quick movements as Hurricane Matthew was heading our way. It quickly went from "this is not really an issue" to "we definitely need to get ourselves in order". Fortunately for us, we were spared any damage at all. I am so thankful. Then it was straight into Miami Carnival for us here.

After all that rushing, running, anxiety and then mas activities I definitely needed a pick me up. And this beet punch is the ideal thing to pump me up. Made with raw beet and sweetened, this punch provides a stamina boost, assists in lowering blood pressure (I have been stressed) and is great for detoxifying.

And did I mention that it was easy?

The only way I would consume beet root was when my mom made it to punch. Boiled? No thanks. Broiled? No thanks. Blended into a punch. YES!!

Beet has this natural sweetness and deep earthy flavor that I love as a drink. Then pair it up with some milk and sweeten up and I can drink a jug full of this beet root punch in no time.

And it has these amazing benefits. It's always good to get delicious and nutritious in the same glass.

Jamaican Beet Root Punch

This beet punch uses raw beet root. So you are getting the full benefits of the beet. You can choose to strain the beet after it's blended if you think that the sediments may be too much for you when drinking. Adding a piece of ginger and some lime juice gives it a nice zing.

I really do think I need to eat beet some more though, other than just drinking it.

What's the best way to have beets you think? I think broiled would be my next foodventure (yes I made that word up). Probably on a salad with a lot of meat to hide that earthy taste. It's so weird that I have no problem drinking it but to eat it I really feel like it does taste like dirt. Haha

How to make beet root punch from the Caribbean

And once chilled I slurp this down quickly. A batch usually doesn't last very long. It's soo good.

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