Martinique's Le Planteur Drink

16.4.17 | Recipe by Renz

Transport yourself to Martinique making their signature drink.

Fresh fruit juice and rum. The perfect Caribbean combination

How to make Le Planteur

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Let’s go to Martinique!

Today I'm excited to start a series of highlights of Caribbean islands themed "Let's Go".

I'm starting with Martinique, the isle of sophistication (I branded them myself by the way) and also have a great opportunity to get you there if you are lucky.

The Caribbean islands are such a unique, yet intertwined blend of countries with such in-depth cultures, food and experiences. And Martinique does not disappoint.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, it is an overseas region of France and is often described as cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but still possessing that unmistakable Caribbean charm.

If I had to interpret the feel of the French Caribbean, I’d describe it as the liveliness and ‘feel-good vibe’ of the Caribbean, effortlessly intermingled with French flair and wrapped up in brightly colored madras print fabric!

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As with most Caribbean destinations, Martinique offers sunny weather year-round, stunning beaches, lots of eco-adventures and outdoor activities.

You can go hiking up Mount Pelée, the highest point of the island. This is an active volcano, which wiped out the former capital of St. Pierre in 1902.

Or you can go ahead and tackle the amazing Caravelle in Tartane (a 4-hour circuitous hike).

No to hiking?

They did not fall short with the waterfalls. There are many waterfalls on the island. Take your pick!!

There is La Fontaine de Didier (a 100 ft waterfall), or Gorges de la Falaise and Cascades de Fonds Nicolas.

Cascades de Fond. Pic Courtesy Alyssa Writes

Accommodation options vary but what about trying the experience of sleeping in a bubble? Yes, I said bubble!

This unique experience is a must try and Sphère de bulles has you covered. Not your style? Don't worry there are numerous other elegant boutique hotels that you can choose from.

And there was no way I could bypass the culinary portion of the island.

Martinique’s culinary attractions are as diverse as its physical attractions. The cuisine from Martinique is often described as a delightful fusion of French, African and Creole flavors. Whether you want local food or want to sample traditional French cuisine, you can find them both.

As with many Caribbean islands, seafood often takes center stage; be sure to try accra (fritters made with codfish), lambi (conch) and any of the curry dishes.

As a by-product of our history of slavery, plantations, and sugar-production, the Caribbean region is famous for its rums. But Martinique has a truly unique rum.

Their rum is not made from molasses, but instead uses freshly pressed sugarcane juice, giving it a sweeter, more complex flavor.

Home to Rhum Clément, the company which manufactures the most expensive bottle of rum in the world, (100,000 euros!!), Martinique’s rum is labeled AOC (Protected Designation of Origin), giving it the same status as Champagne.

So definitely grab a few drinks!!

Martinique is defintely a place anyone should want to go.

And while you're dreaming about this beautiful island, mix yourself up one of Martinique's popular drinks called Le planteur.

This is a fruity cocktail made with their rum obviously, rhum agricole. Just imagine yourself on one of the many beaches sipping away.

Or you can just get there and experience it in real life.