One Pot Cuban Yellow Rice (with Chicken and Sausage)

7.5.17 | Recipe by Renz

A flavorful one-skillet rice dish, packed with chicken and sausage, and other amazing ingredients. The perfect dish your family would love.

Cuban yellow rice with chicken and sausage recipe

Happy new week everyone. A new recipe is up. This one-pot rice dish is coming to you all the way from Cuba and it is delicious.

This rice dish is flavor-filled and packed with meats and will have everyone clambering for more.

I love some Cuban food. My all-time favorite is my fried stuffed potato balls and I know everyone loves some Cuban black beans.

Living in South Florida we can find Cuban food of some type readily available at every corner which is amazing.

But then my cousin moves to Cuba to work and she easily falls into the food and the culture there and I get even more excited

I've never been to Cuba, yet, but the images in my head are of worn streets, bright buildings, and music blaring in the street all filled with an old-school charm. Am I wrong?

The food, I already know from experience here, but my cousin easily pulled me into trying things as she starts to cook more while there.

And she loves rice.

A delicious rice dish from Cuba. Perfect for quick dinner nights

So it was no shocker when she mastered and shared with me this one-pot rice cook-up.

I made a few adjustments.

Traditionally this dish uses pork sausages, but since I don't eat pork, I easily substituted for turkey sausage (Not in a pork casing). 

My favorite brand of most packaged meats like that is Jennie-O. I used their hot Italian smoked turkey sausage

I am not even sure why they sell turkey sausages in a pork casing. Isn't that defeating the purpose?

I love that this dish doesn't take long AND that it doesn't require me to make too much of a mess.

Cuban Yellow Rice - a one pot dish

The best vegetables to use.

Also, feel free to add whatever vegetables you have on hand. Whatever you love, from fresh to frozen. Mixed vegetables, peas, carrots, broccoli, and edamame. This dish does not discriminate.

All you have to make sure to do is know how much time your veggies are needed to cook to know when to add them in so they don't overcook.

A one pot dish from Cuba

I leave the pot low to evaporate any little water that may be there in the pot (I don't like sappy rice). Sometimes I take some foil and put it over the rice and then cover so that the rice steams a little more while the water evaporates.

Dinner is done.

Ready to serve. And just about only 2 dishes to be washed up!!

Thank me later!!

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