Caribbean Guinness Stout Punch

21.5.17 | Recipe by Renz
A combination of bitter, sweet and cool, this Guinness Punch is the perfect drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

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Guinness Stout Punch

And I'm back, with another dranky drank. I told you before I love punches. I definitely got that from my daddy. I originally did this easy recipe for Guinness Stout Punch in 2015 but after having to whip a batch up recently I decided to update my pics and give you guys a fresh new post.

This drink is popular in Trinidad and in Jamaica. It's a little bit of sweet, some bitter and definitely some cool. This creamy mix of Guinness stout and kinds of milk, along with some spices really makes this a hit.

My mom made this religiously when I was growing up. One reason was my dad loved it. Allegedly it's good for the back.

Another reason is my mom insisted that it was a good tonic to drink when you are not feeling well. Apparently, Guinness assists with blood clots and helps to lower the chances of heart attacks. I figured that may be a trick reasoning she made up but the University of Wisconsin agrees with her.

Recipe for making Jamaican Guinness Punch

And this is a quick gather, and blend recipe. Throw all your ingredients into your blender and blend.

And once you are happy with the taste, add a little more sugar maybe, either pour over ice or if you are like me, chill before serving.

Guinness Punch Recipe

Then fancy it up with some whipped cream and sprinkling of cinnamon. Slurrrp.

And this my friends is the ONLY way I would have Guinness. Well no, I also am a lover of Guinness ice cream. My gosh, how can people manage a stout straight? My sister loves it. I, on the other hand, can't even manage a sip of it.

Delicious Guinness Punch

So if you are looking to lower your chances of heart attacks or just trying to get a refreshing punch with a little oomph, try this recipe.

It's delish!!

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