Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

19.3.17 | Recipe by Renz
A delicious open face tart filled with sweetened coconut and topped with a cherry.

Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

It's snack time!!

I realize that a huge area in Caribbean food is dedicated to desserts/snacks.

I have an ongoing argument discussion going on, on what is the difference between a snack and a dessert, but anyway.

We do make a lot of things that is not main course related. And we use a lot of our natural resources, especially the coconut.

Today's snack/dessert is coming from Jamaica (by the way of Portugal based on what I learned about this) and is a yummy delight.

A sweet open-faced tart that is packed with well-seasoned grated coconut that would surely have you reaching for me.

I started eating gizzada (gizzara or sometimes called pinch-me-round) when I moved to South Florida. I never had it before then.

In Trinidad, our version of this treat is called coconut tart, which is basically a stuffed tart (closed) versus open-faced as this is. This is a prime example of how the islands' foods are closely related.

They are both delicious.

Gizzadas were contributed to the Jamaican food line up with the influx of the Portuguese Jews. They came and this snack stayed.

It can easily be found in many Jamaican restaurants along with patties, bun and coco bread.

Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

These treats are a texture fest. The roughness of the coconut that is sweet with the added touch of nutmeg then the shell is a softish flour holder.

I love these things.

You can actually munch through a couple of these before you realize how much you consumed.

Especially if you have some cold ginger beer to have along with it.

Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

Nothing beats coconut treats, though. They are just so delicious. Something about that roughness that makes you happy. Or it could be just me.

These tarts are a worthy treat. As much as I fret about having to grate coconut meat, these tarts are worth the effort.

Recipe for Coconut Tarts

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