Homemade Caribbean rum cream recipe

6.12.23 | Recipe by Renz

A good rum cream is a smooth drink to enjoy. This quick and simple rum cream recipe is made with a mix of the best things like a delicious blend of premium rum with coffee, chocolate, condensed milk, and vanilla for a creamy, delicious homemade version.

A glass filled with Jamaican rum creme, lined with chocolate with a blue bottle in the background of caramel sauce and a smaller bottle with rum creme.

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This Jamaican rum cream recipe is a silky, creamy, boozy cocktail infused with amber rum and warming spices. It will transport you right to the beach!

Combining chocolate syrup, cream, condensed milk, fresh-brewed black coffee, and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this Jamaican rum cream recipe is full of luscious flavors. You’ll love the creamy rum cream texture.

The rich flavor of this rum cream is gorgeous when served chilled over ice on a hot summer evening. Swirl it into hot chocolate, or add it to desserts like Tiramisu or rich chocolate cake for a hint of Jamaican spice.

Homemade Jamaican rum cream is also deceptively simple to make. Simply combine the ingredients, and serve your delicious rum cream liqueur in a glass with ice cubes.


Ingredient notes

Here are some quick notes on what you will need to make this recipe. Make sure you check out the recipe card for the full list.

Ingredients needed to make Jamaican rum creme recipe.

  • Sweetened condensed milk: This comes in tins and will be in your grocery store's cupboard section. You can also buy dairy-free versions.
  • Rum: Amber-colored rum works best for this recipe. I've used Tamboo rum.
  • Chocolate syrup: I usually add three tablespoons of chocolate syrup, but you can reduce this to 2.
  • Fresh brewed black coffee: Make yourself a cup of coffee and save a bit for the rum! You can use instant coffee, but the flavor won’t be as rich.
  • Vanilla extract: Find this in the baking section of your grocery store, or buy it online.
  • Coconut extract: Most of my extracts are from Chief Brands but I also I like to use Olive Nation coconut extract.
  • Banana extract: This has a unique flavor and is a nice addition to this delicious treat. But do you not need a lot, so it can be optional. 
  • Heavy cream: You need a rich dairy cream to get that creamy texture. 
  • Cinnamon: Use ground cinnamon to give your rum cream its spicy, sweet taste.
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg is warming and welcoming. Just be sure not to add too much, as it can be overpowering.


  • I like to use amber rum for this Jamaican rum cream drink. However, you could also experiment with different types of rum - spiced rum and dark rum work well. I wouldn’t recommend white rum for this recipe.
  • If you want a lighter Jamaican rum cream, switch out the heavy cream for half and half.
  • Bailey’s Irish cream is similar to Jamaican rum cream - if you want to turn this into an Irish cream recipe, switch out the rum for whiskey and leave out the cinnamon, nutmeg, and coconut extract.
  • Watching your alcohol intake? You can adjust the amount of rum you use or use a rum extract instead, which has a lower alcohol level.

How to make rum creme

Decide if you are using a blender or using a hand mixer and a bowl. If using a bowl, make sure it is deep enough to contain the ingredients when mixing with a high-powered hand mixer.

Add the condensed milk, chocolate syrup, fresh-brewed black coffee, vanilla extract, coconut extract, heavy cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Combine all the ingredients. Then add in your rum and continue to mix till combined.

Combined rum cream ingredients in a shallow bowl on top of a blue counter.

Do a taste test for spices and adjust as needed for your taste buds. More chocolate? Add it. Just remember you cannot remove if it's "too much".

Chill the drink in the fridge, then serve it in a glass with ice. You can also garnish the glass with a little chocolate syrup before adding the rich cream liqueur.

Preparation notes

A glass bottle with a resealable top is best for this recipe - make sure you sterilize it before getting started.

Do not mix at too high a speed to start as it can curdle the cream. I suggest mixing at a low speed, especially with a hand mixer. It will also not be messy.

In place of chocolate syrup try using some cocoa powder instead. Take about a tablespoon of powder and mix it smoothly with a little of the cream then combine it with everything else.

Try making this dairy-free by switching out the condensed milk with a dairy-free one and using coconut milk instead of the heavy cream. 

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Finshed rum creme in a glass with ice and chocolate drizzles as a garnish.

What to serve with Jamaica rum cream

One of the best ways to serve this delicious liqueur is in the simplest form. Jamaican rum cream served chilled in a short glass with ice.

You could also try incorporating it into other dishes:

  • Try swirling it into hot chocolate for a chocolatey treat with a deliciously smooth texture. This is a favorite nighttime cap of mine. Or even adding it to coffee for a winter pick-me-up.
  • Another great treat option is pouring this flavorful drink over some homemade ice cream. Especially some vanilla ice cream for a Caribbean twist on the classic affogato.
  • Using it in baking - it’s excellent in tiramisu or a rich chocolate cake.


This recipe makes about 16 oz, so it fits nicely into an 16oz mason jar.

You can safely keep your bottle of Jamaican rum cream in the fridge for up to a week.

Be sure to use a sterilized bottle and that you seal it properly.

Creamy jamaican rum creme with chocolate garnish running down the sides of a glass on a creme counter top with a bottle of Caramel syrup in the back.

If you do make this recipe, please let me know by leaving a comment and/or a star rating in the recipe card below. I love hearing from you and even what adjustments were made!!

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