Easy Pineapple Bars

21.6.15 | Recipe by Renz

A quick alternate version of a pineapple upside-down cake. Great for parties and afternoon snacks.

Easy Pineapple Bars

I love pineapples. I hate peeling them, but I surely love eating them.

I have used pineapple to make chow and in my rum punch. I think the first thing I ever made by myself was a pineapple upside-down cake. Yummy.

And now I have this quick and easy pineapple bars that can are the perfect bars for a quick snack.
Yes, I know it's Monday and we are starting the week with dessert. But it's yummy!!

These bars saved me this week for something to munch on while I finished up my last paper for my degree.

It mimics a pineapple upside-down cake but with less cake and a great punch of pineapple.

And this took me about 10 mins to mix and just about 40 minutes to bake. Isn't that the best?

What makes this even easier is the use of canned pineapples for this. I have used both cubed pineapples and crushed pineapples and it really depends on what you want. For a chunky topping, use cubed pineapple or if you want a smoother topping use crushed pineapple.

The top is coated with coconut flakes. And don't be afraid to add some crushed maraschino cherries in the mix for a true pineapple upside down mimic.

Easy Pineapple Bars

The house smells so amazing when this is baking.

And the pineapples are so soft and then a touch of coconut.

These bars can last a week, or even longer in an airtight container. They didn't even make it to a container for me. I just kept pinching and pinching.

One tip when making these, leave them to cool for a bit before cutting them up. It allows the bar to get firmer so that it cuts cleaner and is easier to hold. Also, getting burnt from hot pineapple is not worth it. Take my word for it!!

Easy Pineapple Bars

These would be great with some vanilla ice cream. I did enjoy them with numerous pots of coffee I had.

Now to find another option for my other pineapples.

Any suggestions?

Looking for other snacks...


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