Orange Currant Bread

21.9.16 | Recipe by Renz

An amazingly delicious tender bread, with a hint of orange and currants.

How to make Orange Currant Bread

Words cannot convey how happy I was with this bread.

This is more than just a bread. It's a winning bread. Not just because it has this amazing taste. Imagine a bread, not too sweet, with a fresh hint of citrus and sweet of the currants.

That is this bread.

A combination that doesn't really need much when it's time to eat it, but pairs well with a lot of things.

But the amazing flavor is not the main reason I am over the moon with this recipe.

I am totally over the moon that I did not have a heart attack while making these.

I have said countless times I do not have much patience for baking. I usually want things to be ready now/right away.

I don't want to wait 20 minutes for something to "double in size" and then to double in size again.

And what makes it even worse that I seemed to not be able to find a yeast that works with my lack low patience.

I've been good at making these other bread like things like the roast bake, and sweet bread

Till nooow!!

I've complained to my mom so many times that "I just can't bake" especially for things that I try that require heavy rising.

I've tried a host of different instant yeasts (cause I definitely won't even sit to wait on regular yeast).. and the results are never good.

Finally she sent me "proper" yeast and I delved into having my first attempt at baking using Saf-Instant Dry Baker's Yeast. And I won the battle.

Saf-Instant yeast is actually popularly linked to King Arthur's flour but I somehow don't really see it here in my local grocery store. But I tell you this yeast is a winner.

Recipe for Orange Currant Bread

In 30 minutes time, my dough had "doubled in size". Thirty minutes!! For the first time in a long time, I was able to "punch down" with a smile instead of with real anger and disappointment.

The joy as the bread baked was at the highest level. The house smelt amazing. Fresh bread baking always makes you feel better about your day. What is it about making bread that makes you feel accomplished in life?

The smell of the currants, the hint of orange and the joy at the yeast that for once (or twice and forever) will work with my little patience and make me happy, every time.

How to make bread with currants

So now excuse me as I continue to gloat about my continued winnings and go take a slice of this bread, and toast it and eat it with some butter I got at the farmer's market.

I'm no longer a bread failure!

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Orange Currant Bread