Easy Stove Top Stuffing Recipe

17.11.16 | Recipe by Renz

An easy recipe to replace that box stuffing. Packed with flavor and made with fresh ingredients. Perfect for the holiday seasons.

Easy Caribbean inspired stove top stuffing

If you make boxed stuffing, I command you to stop right now. Ditch that thing!!

I am about to give you a recipe that is going to replace that generic stuff for an amazingly delicious packed stuffing using crumbs and packed with raisins and olives. This can be used to stuff your chicken, turkey or even fish. Or even better just serve it as a great side dish.

If you think you are saving time using that box stuff, continue reading and realize that from scratch, this homemade stove top stuffing takes the same amount of time to create.

Let me tell you it wasn't until I was older that I knew there was pre-packaged stuffing. I was in shock.

My mom always made this from scratch. It started with us watching her prepare this, to then us volunteering to roll the crackers into crumbs, to the process totally being done by either my sister or me.

As a younger kitchen assistant, crushing the crackers made me feel like an adult. Haha. We always used Crix. Crix Crackers is a brand in the Caribbean that is found in every home all the time. It is known as the "vital supply" since it's used for any and everything from breakfast to snack time.

Crix Crackers used to make stove top stuffing

I excitedly waited for Christmas with this. It was the only time stuffing was made in our home. So I was extremely excited.

Most of it was stuffed into the bird, but some was left on the table to accompany the other sides like some stewed peas, macaroni pie and calypso rice

I just love all the flavors that are packed in this stuffing.

Stove top stuffing using crix crackers

And I love that it comes together quickly.

This can be made the night before and can stay in the fridge for about four days after being made. If it even lasts that long.

I keep taking a little spoon of this to taste it. Every fifteen minutes. Just to make sure, you know, that it doesn't have some bad flavor in there that would spoil the taste for other people.

Homemade Stuffing for your Holiday table

No seriously though, this is so addictive. I just can't stop eating it and it has been the main point of many tussles with my sister and me at the table to get the last piece of stuffing. Especially when it's baked in with a turkey? The extra baking and the juices from the turkey makes it become the stuffing crack.

However you decide to use it, this stuffing would be all done by you and make your guests very happy.

Here are some other great sides for your holiday dinners:

Caribbean Inspired Stove Top Stuffing