Saltfish and Rice Cook-up

16.3.19 | Recipe by Renz

A quick "cook up" of saltfish and rice. 

A perfect dinner option and really quick using your Instant Pot.

Saltfish and rice cook-up

I'm here with another Instant Pot dinner option. 

This gadget is saving my life and I'm having everyone around me jump in the craze too.

I was able to make this delicious lunch in no time. 

Seasoned up rice with some coconut milk, and saltfish with okra. Sooo yummy. 

And it was ready in less than 30 minutes.

A delicious cook-up rice

This saltfish and rice cook-up is a popular Caribbean dish. 

I do think it is a bit more popular in Guyana than the other places though.

"Cook-up" just means that all the food is cooked together and makes a one pot. 

Most times it includes rice and something. Rice and okra cook-up. Rice and split peas. And this, saltfish and rice (with some okra).

If you don't have an Instant Pot yet (or any brand of the electric pressure cooker) I urge you to get one NOW. 

And if you have one and was like me and had it sitting there for a while and not using it, take it outtt!

The IPs are taking over the world right now. 

It's allowing you to make some things that you would normally have to stand over your stove and monitor to instead just cover, select a button and go do something else.

If you want to see which IP I use, check out this pelau recipe I shared earlier.

Cookup Rice

What kind of fish is saltfish?

Salt fish (or really salted fish) is commonly codfish that has been salted for preservation. It is also sometimes referred to as bacalao, bacalhau. 

The fish has been dried, extracting all moisture so that it keeps longer.

We do not use the fish with all the salt that it comes in. It's a ridiculous amount of salt. 

It needs to be de-salted and re hydrated.

How do you get salt out of saltfish?

There are varying methods to get saltfish unsalted. 

I went into detail about the 3 or 4 ways to remove salt from saltfish when I was talking about this run down.

My method of choice is the soak out method. 

I put the fish to soak in water then rinse and repeat a couple times. Then chip it up.

My mom chips it up then runs water on it for a little.

Whatever method you choose is all up to you.

As I mentioned before cook-up rice is a one-pot rice dish. 

Usually with peas and/or meat. Sometimes you find spinach or callaloo. Okra and or pumpkin. 

All cooked down in some coconut milk.

Cookup Saltfish and rice

It is very popular to have pigtail in the mix, but I do not eat pork, but feel free to add it in. 

Just make sure it has been pressured prior to adding it to this recipe.

Besides this saltfish and rice, I love rice and split peas cook up. Oh, yummy.

Cookup saltfish and rice

A cook up plate always has to have some kind of salad of sorts on the side. 

Cucumber salad (simple cucumber with salt and pepper) and some tomatoes.

 And wash it down with some mauby or something.

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  1. Blasphemy! Where is the coconut milk?!

    1. You mean besides the 1 cup of coconut milk listed in the ingredients?

  2. thank you! it's the best instant pot meal I've ever tasted and I've made plenty. and it's so easy!

    1. It is definitely easy. Thank you Lena for trying.

  3. I think 1 cup of water and 1 cup coconut milk is not enough liquid for 2 cups of parboiled rice. To my knowledge I use 1 can of coconut milk which is about 1 3/4 cups and add water to make up approx. 4 cups liquid in total.

    1. Hi. In the Instant Pot, I ALWAYS use 1:1 for liquid to rice. It gives me a drier texture which I prefer. Since this is really a steam versus a boil when using the stove top. Even if you prefer a "wetter" mix, 4 cups of water would be too much in the IP.


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