Easy Curry Chickpeas

29.9.20 | Recipe by Renz

As an appetizer or snack, this curried chickpea is the perfect option to choose. It's an easy curry that can be done in your instant pot or regular stovetop.

A close up of curried chicpeas in a cup

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Chickpeas or channa or garbanzo beans can be used in so many ways. We especially love to curry it.

But there are two types of curry chickpea where I come from. One is the curry channa we want to eat with roti. This has some gravy. Then there is the curry channa we want to eat as cutters. This is a drier and spicy dish.

Cutters are what we call any spicy food we eat as an appetizer or a snack. Small, quick foods that will accompany alcohol and small talk well.

Another favorite cutter of mine is geera chicken neck.

If it's one thing we like to do as Caribbean people is hang out. Or in our own vernacular, "lime".

And when we liming we like to eat.

And what we eating can vary so much. It depends on the type of lime it is.

Close up of curry chicpea in a white cup

This is a simple, simple recipe.

Kitchen staples are used here. I used my instant pot as a pot for this.

The dry chickpeas need to be pressured to get tender. I didn't want to use my pressure cooker then use another pot so I pressured in my IP and then continued cooking in it.

If you have a regular pressure cooker, you can follow the recipe the same way as if using an electric pressure cooker.

If you do not have any form of pressure cooker you no need to worry. Soak the chickpeas in water overnight.

Just add some baking powder, about a tablespoon to the water. This would help to soften the chickpeas.

Then strain the water off and wash the peas, put in fresh water on the stove and boil till tender.

Dried, uncooked chickpeas poured out of the pack on a blue background

Health benefits of chickpea curry

Chickpeas are a great healthy option.

It is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals.

If you are looking for something to improve digestion and to assist in weight management then they are the option for you.

It also acts as a great meat replacement since it is high in protein. 

Take a read to learn some other health benefits of chickpea curry

Canned versus fresh

I know a lot of people don't like to use canned vegetables. But to be honest there is nothing wrong with canned. I use it myself.

If you are in a rush and want to cook in a hurry, canned chickpeas are a good option. It is already "soaked".

With the packaged chickpeas, you need to soak it to rehydrate it prior to cooking.

Two cups of curry chickpeas with a hot pepper in the pic

Storing & freezing instructions

If you make a huge batch you may want to know how to freeze your curry chickpeas.

Once curried, I would leave this in my fridge for just about a day.

Just like with anything else I curry - chicken, fish, shrimp, I don't like to leave them out too long.

If by the next day I haven't eaten all of it, I throw the rest in the freezer.

I share them up into freezer bags in portions that work well for me to reheat just enough for another meal or two at a time.

I don't want to put it all into one bag, since I don't want to have to reheat all then only use some.

I do not refreeze leftovers after reheating. 

Reheating instructions

Reheating from frozen, I usually leave the package of curry chickpeas overnight in my fridge if I remember.

If I just take it out from the freezer the same day, I would leave it on my countertop if going to reheat on the stovetop.

To reheat the curry chickpea on the stovetop I just add it to a heavy bottom pot with a little water and let it simmer. Just making sure it does not stick.

You can also use the microwave to warm up. Add to a microwave-safe bowl and set for 45 seconds in batches to best get it heated all the way through.

Whatever method you use please make sure it is fully heated through. You do not want to eat cold curry.

A cup and a jar of cooked curry chicpeas spread falling out of jar

The best way to eat this is hot or warm.

As soon as this is done I'm spooning into my mouth.

If you are making this you might as well invite your friends over and make some other cutters:


  1. Do you maje curry chick peas the same if you use can chick peas?

    1. HI Mani. Yes. You just won't have to soak them overnight. Drain off the water from the can and I usually give it a rinse.


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