Geera Chicken Neck

10.8.18 | Recipe by Renz

Looking for a dish to eat while hanging out with friends? 

This geera chicken neck is a flavor-filled, spicy dish perfect to nibble on while hanging out. An easy recipe that creates a deep flavor with cumin, curry, and pepper.

Trinidad Geera Chicken Neck Recipe

I can't imagine it's almost the end of Summer here in the US. I don't think I was even able to "Summer" properly. And it's almost over.

But before the sun sets, and the heat abates (well not in Florida), you must try this geera chicken neck recipe.

This is the ideal cutters. The perfect hang out with friends (in Trinidad and Tobago we call that "lime") dish. A fully flavored geera (cumin) and curry combination.

Cutters are what we call finger foods in Trinidad and Tobago. Some are spicy or not so spicy.

It's a food that acts as a buffer for liquor consumption. Yes, it is. So they are easily ordered at rum shops, bars, taken along to beach limes, or just having some people at your house.

For me, geera chicken is the top dog in this food category. Well, people might actually say geera pork, but since I no longer really eat pork, chicken is my winner.

I love eating this chicken using bony parts (hence me using neck). Some like to do a mix of bony: neck, back sometimes even making geera gizzard.

Then you have some doing pieces with more meat like breast and legs, most times though when using those parts the chicken is being eaten as a meal, say with rice.

Trini cutters recipe Geera Cumin Chicken

But for me, bone is the best part.

What is geera?

Also spelled as jira, jeera. This spice is really, scientifically called cumin.

It's from a flowering plant which is native to really the middle east. It then spread its way over to India. The seeds are dried and are used in many cultures both as the powder and whole.

Trinidad and Tobago (and much of the Caribbean) is multicultural and so it's no surprise this spice found its way to us since we especially have a huge East Indian component.

You see how much curry we eat?

When I got the August callaloo box and saw it was hot and spicy, geera chicken popped into my head. 

The August box was the perfect combination of all things Trinidad and cutters combined. Well expect the actual geera, I got that in a previous box.

Have you checked out Callaloo Box yet? I did some reviews for this Trinidad and Tobago condiment (and snacks box) here

I'm excited every month to see what new things I can test out from new brands. Or even try to recreate a dish I haven't had in a long time.

The premise of the subscription box is to bring to people who can't normally get it (or likes to receive things at the door) the condiments and snacks from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Yes it's a monthly subscription but I especially love their storefront, where I go to order individual items regularly.

So in slid the August box and out came this geera chicken neck.

This dish, anybody can make.

It doesn't take much work. I would suggest though you trying to cook this outside or with your windows open.

Ccurry leaves a lingering smell. So imagine the heavy flavor of geera added in? Know there is going to be a longer, and stronger lingering smell.

Thank goodness my brother in law has an outside stove that we call a firecracker, to cook on. With our heavy metal pot. So we were all outside, "watching" the pot. Any excuse for a lime.

Step by step process:

Cut up chicken into bite-sized pieces

Add seasonings (thyme, geera, garlic, chadon beni, curry, onion, pimento)

Let marinate

Heat oil and add chicken to hot oil. Add pepper

Add water to pot in small amounts to makes sure it's not burning, but not too much water at a time to make a gravy

All of this highlights again the idea of cutters. Something to eat easily with you and your friends hanging out, talking and drinking. Helping to counter that alcohol.

Geera Cumin chicken recipe

Now to just grab your toothpicks and hang out.

And don't think I'm not counting how much pieces the other people are taking.

How to make Trinidad Geera

But I want to share a little secret.

As much as I love eating this hot with my friends while cracking a few jokes. Geera chicken the day after is glorious.

I guess because this gives the flavor even more time to blend with the chicken. Or I'm still hungover and everything tastes good.

But I definitely had a grand time, the next day eating leftovers.

Trinidad Geera Chicken

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