Soursop Ice cream

4.5.21 | Recipe by Renz

Get ready to taste one of the most delicious flavors of ice cream you've ever had. This soursop ice cream, using fresh soursop pulp, is a smooth, delectable treat for the summer. An easy recipe that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Glasses of soursop ice cream with cherry toppings. With a blue checkered cloth

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As the heat rises here in South Florida, we start looking to get into things that are cooler to consume. So welcome to homemade ice cream, fresh juices, and ice pop time.

We use a lot of fresh tropical fruits to make Caribbean-style ice cream. One of my favorite ice cream flavors has always been soursop. Especially when you use real fruit pulp. It's a sweet but tart treat that is extremely refreshing.

This soursop ice cream is so easy to make. It does not require many ingredients, in fact only five. There is no sugar and no eggs.

You also don't necessarily need to have an ice cream machine. A blender or even your hand mixer can do the trick.

You don't need your stove either. So you avoid having to use any heat.

What I love about this recipe is that the flavor of the soursop comes through so strongly. We are not using any artificial flavors or condiments, so we are getting the natural flavor to come through.

What is soursop?

Soursop is a popular fruit used in the Caribbean. It's also called guanabana. We especially use it to make soursop drink and the leaves are popularly used to make tea.

Though it is easy to find back home, it's a bit of a hunt for it here in the US. Their season of bearing is June to September then you see them in abundance at the farmer's markets and Latin American/Caribbean shops and supermarkets.

You can also find the pulp and juices frozen in the juice aisles.

For more info on soursop and how it tastes Prepared cooks gives some more detail on its taste

Ingredients for fresh soursop ice cream

Soursop pulp, condensed milk, heavy cream and essence. The ingredients for making soursop ice cream

As I mentioned the ingredients list is short and simple using quality ingredients.

  • Pulp of soursop - For this recipe, I opted to use the fresh fruit and get the pulp. You basically open the fruit, and take out the "meat" and remove any of the seeds
  • Condensed milk
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Bitters
  • Essence

Equipment to be used

You don't need to pull out those old-time heavy ice cream makers, that need you to get pints of ice or use salt, or cream of tartar.

If you have an ice cream maker you can surely use that. It makes it much easier. I have a very simple to use one from Cuisinart.

But if you don't have one, don't be discouraged, I have also just used my ninja blender to make this.

You can also just use a whisk and just be ready to put in some heavy handwork. A hand blender or your mixer can also substitute.

I know some people also have the ice cream attachment for their Kitchen aid mixer. Just follow the instructions for the device as needed once you have mixed up the ingredients.

A good container with a tight lid to store the ice cream. I love these containers I got from amazon. They really keep the air out making sure you get a good creamy texture.

You can also use an ice cube tray for freezing. Just cover it with plastic wrap.

A good ice cream scoop. I prefer using a scoop with a trigger. It's easier to get a nice clean ball.

Or you can try to put them into individual containers with covers. Makes it easy for single servings.

Soursop ice cream in a ice cream tub with a scoop and empty cups

How to make homemade Soursop Ice Cream

Gone are the days when we would be pulling out those manual makers, and a whole bucket of ice and salt and turning the machine till the cream turns.

Now we have fancy machines or methods that make for an easier attempt.

The hardest part of this process would be to get the pulp from the soursop. Break the fruit open and you can use your hands or a spoon to scoop the flesh out. While doing that remove the seeds and discard them.

You can also find frozen pulp in Latin American stores. Not the juice or the nectar. The pulp.

Depending on the size of the fruit would determine how many you will need to get to make up for the ounces.

Once the pulp has been taken out and deseeded, blend the de-seeded pulp together to get it into a puree form.

Make sure you blend it as finely as possible till the pulp is ground together. Not doing so would result in some stringy "meat" and I prefer a smooth mix.

Add your puree in a medium bowl, the condensed milk, and mix that together then fold in the cup of cream.

You can taste it here and add in some bitters or vanilla essence. This taste would also vary depending on the flavor of your actual fruit. You can add more condensed milk here if you find it is a bit too tart.

If you are using an ice cream freezer, add it to the frozen bowl and follow the instructions as needed.

If you do not have a machine, place the mixture in a large bowl like this Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub and place it in your freezer. Let it sit there for about 30 to 40 minutes. You would need the cream mixture to start to form a few crystals but not become too frozen.

Once it becomes a little frozen, remove it from the freezer and beat the mixture again. You can use your blender or hand mixer. Place it back into the container and let it freeze overnight.

If you are going to put them into ice cream pints, you can go ahead and put them into the individual cups at this time.

Then it's time to enjoy your ice cream as you wish. Plain, with some cherry toppings or sprinkles.

Closeup of scoops of ice cream in a glass


Once in an airtight container, and closed properly this can stay good for a long time. I would do 4 months maximum if it lasts.

And who eats fresh soursop ice cream without cake? Or is that just a Caribbean thing? Requests for some kind of cake comes when ice cream is being served.

It can range from a plain sponge cake, or a marble cake, to pineapple upside down. Black cake is also a great option with homemade ice cream.

This delicious fruit is really a great ice cream variety to have. And even greater to be able to make it easily at home