Coconut Ponche De Creme

26.10.21 | Recipe by Renz

This creamy milk-based alcohol drink is wonderfully flavored with delicious coconut and spices. Coconut ponche de creme, also called ponche crema, is another great variation of the popular Caribbean Christmas drink that your guests will enjoy.

Coconut Ponche de creme in a tall glass with ice and red cherries

It's almost that season again called Christmas. And you know we have some staples in the Caribbean for this time of the year.

And though we love to always stick to tradition with most things, we have started to venture away and create some intriguing flavors for some of our favorites.

Ponche de creme (punch ah creme) has come a long way from just the traditional plain original flavor. We now have a plethora of Caribbean flavors. There are delicious flavors like pumpkin, peanut, chocolate, sorrel, and ginger. And now I bring to you another festive drink version.


Ingredients for Coconut Ponche de creme

Ingredients for making coconut ponche de creme

What is ponche de creme made of you ask? Well, the original flavor is milk, eggs, spices, and rum.

Now as we have gotten fancier, flavored ponche de cremes are prevalent, which then means we have additional ingredients.

For this coconut flavor, you need:

* Coconut milk - you can use fresh coconut and add water and blend to make your own coconut milk. Or you can use coconut milk from the tin (make sure it's not one that is too thick) or even make using coconut milk powder.
* Condensed milk - I use plain condensed milk. There is coconut-flavored condensed milk that is also an option to use. See "Substitutes" below for more information on using this.
* Eggs
* Grated Nutmeg - If you can find fresh nutmeg you can grate it yourself. If not nutmeg powder works.
* Cinnamon
* Green lime - You can use this as lime peel or grated lime zest
* Vanilla essence
* Coconut Essence
* Coconut rum
* Aromatic bitters - I use Angostura bitters
* Hot water
* Coconut flakes (optional)

Equipment needed

* Sterile glass bottles
* Blender or hand mixer
* Large Bowl


Add your lime peel to the hot water and set aside. We want to make it seep into the water for at least 10 minutes.

Add your eggs, one by one, to your blender. Make sure to crack each egg separately just in case you open a bad one. You don't want to mess up your eggs.

Mixed eggs and condensed milk in a bowl for ponche de creme

Beat or mix your eggs till about doubled. I use my blender for this recipe. It's much easier for me and everything fits nicely. But if you have an electric mixer instead that is fine.

You also need to scald your coconut milk, especially if you make coconut milk from fresh coconut. This removes any bacteria from the milk along with some other benefits. Do not bring milk to a boil. We are just warming the milk right through. So do so on medium heat.

Spices added to milk and condensed milk to make ponche de creme

While the coconut milk is cooling down a little, add your condensed milk and coconut cream to the eggs and beat them together.

Then to your milk mixture add your rum (start with two cups), liquid from the lime rind, and your spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, and your essences. And your bitters

Taste and add more rum for your preference.

Best served over ice.

If you want to be a little fancy with your serving of the drink. Toast up about some coconut flakes till it gets a little dark, not burnt. Add that to the top layer of your drink with crushed ice, then you can also add a dusting of nutmeg or a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Pouring punch into a tall glass of ice with some leftover in the background

The best rum to use

For this recipe, I use Malibu Coconut Rum black which has 70% alcohol. You can use any coconut-flavored rum.

I prefer to use white rum for this. Other good ones would be Puncheon and Wray and nephew.

But my family members also use quality dark rums and we really see no difference.

A filled glass of ice with coconut Ponche de creme with two cherries on top


Milk: Instead of plain, you can use coconut condensed milk. If you do this then replace the coconut milk with evaporated milk. Just so that you don't have too much overwhelming coconut flavor.

Rum: You can use plain white rum instead of the coconut but you may need to add a little more coconut essence to make sure you get that coconut flavor. Or if you use coconut condensed milk you might not need extra essence. Just taste at the end and see if more essence is needed.

Cream of coconut: I originally used crème of coconut in this recipe. It gave it a great coconut flavor, but over time the consistency of the drink got thicker and thicker. I have since removed it and using coconut milk only instead. 

If you would like to continue to use coco Lopez in your mixture I would suggest using a half cup of coconut creme and the remaining amount in coconut milk. 

Should I refrigerate?

This debate comes up all the time with ponche de creme. The only one I put in my fridge is my pump de creme. (pumpkin version). All the others stay out on the counter. Sometimes up to a year later. The amount of alcohol really offsets the eggs in the mixture.

If you do want to refrigerate it, know that it will get thicker over time. 

Shake well prior to serving, and depending on how thick it has become you can use a little evaporated milk to thin it out.

It is especially important that where you choose to store it, you place the drink into clean bottles that have been sterilized. Make sure your covers are also clean.

A full tall glass of coconut ponche de creme, with coconut shavings in the background

If you want to gift a bottle you can use cute little mason jars and add labels to them. You can also use leftover liquor bottles you have laying around. Just clean them

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