Cucumber Chutney Recipe

1.8.16 | Recipe by Renz

A chutney made with cucumbers and the added kick of hot scotch bonnet peppers, making a great topping.

Cucumber Chutney Recipe

This ever popular cucumber chutney is a weird thing.

I mean, to me, cucumber really doesn't have that much of a distinct taste, but yet this chutney made from cucumber is packed with flavor.

This chutney is commonly found topping our doubles, with pholourie or eaten with aloo and channa with rice.

Chutney can be made with a fruit or a vegetable.

This condiment ventured down to the Caribbean from India. It's kind of like the idea of a coleslaw, that adds a hint more flavor to a meal.

Cucumber Chutney

This one is easy to make and does not require any cooking time like some other chutneys.

A little grate here, some chops here and it's complete

Cucumber Chutney

Using hot pepper like scotch bonnet gives it a kick, but if you are like me and don't want too much of a kick, make sure to NOT use the seeds and membrane of the pepper.

That is where most of the heat it.

Cucumber Chutney

And why did I get seedless cucumbers from Target and have to pick seeds out?

Have you tried chutney before? What's your fav food to top it with?

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