Butter Bean Soup recipe

19.1.17 | Recipe by Renz

A creamy butter bean soup, packed with amazing flavors. Add a kick of jerk shrimp and you have the perfect spicy soup for the cold nights.

How to make butter bean soup

Sometimes living in Florida I forget about all this Winter experience since we get mostly warm weather during this time.

That is until one random day I wake up to 54 degrees (yes that's cold for us) and I get a reminder that other places are getting lower temperatures consistently.

But I will take any excuse to slurp on this soup.

This creamy soup is ram packed with flavors in layers that surprise you since it's such a simple soup.

It is such a satisfying soup that smells amazing while cooking. I can assure you everyone would be thanking you after eating this.

Butter beans are not beans that we actually use much in cooking in Trinidad and Tobago. I got a little familiar with it because Jamaicans include it when they are making oxtail.

Butter beans are actually Lima beans that have matured.

These creamy looking beans add a great hint of flavor to a lot of dishes. I am sure also, that if we did use butter beans, we would call them butter peas, cause we call all beans peas for some reason. Ha!

I love soups that are simple but packs a punch of flavor.

Recipe for making butter bean soup

I was able to taste my first butter bean soup at a cooking class last year and was a bit apprehensive. I was dancing around the idea of having to taste it.

After dipping a little spoon into my bowl and tasting I was won over.

Smooth, creamy (with no dairy I might add), flavor upon flavors. This soup was definitely a winning soup that I needed to recreate.

And I was happy I did.

And throwing in some jerk shrimp added a nice little kick to this soup.

Easy recipe for butter bean soup

So delicious.

So if you happen to have not so warm weather (of even if you do have warm weather) now is the perfect time to get your soup on with this butter bean soup, topped with shrimp and oh, don't forget some bread to dip to dip.

Delicious butter bean soup

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