Coconut Milk Pasta

12.1.21 | Recipe by Renz

A great weeknight dinner option to satisfy your family, this creamy pasta dish made with coconut milk is your best pick.. Paired with some smoked sausage and bell peppers

A big white bowl of creamy pasta with sausage and bell peppers

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As much as I love cooking, I really sometimes do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen actually cooking.

Those times I try to make up dishes that are quick, not much work, and still packs a punch with taste.

This coconut milk pasta concoction hits all those points.

A delicious one-pot with luscious sausage, and bell peppers simmered in a creamy pasta sauce with coconut milk.

Hitting all the points needed for a great dinner option.

If you can't tell I love pasta. And I know I am not the only one.

This recipe reminds me a little of my rasta pasta recipe but I feel like it's less work. It also does not have cheese and is a lot less spicy.

This pasta comes together much faster than that rasta pasta does.

How to make coconut milk pasta sauce

The ingredients for the sauce for the pasta is pretty easy and everything should be easily found in your pantry.

Sausage, bell peppers, coconut mil, onion and garlic. All ingredients for making this coconut milk pasta

Simple right? And the extras are just the sausage (you can use any sausage you want. I used a smoked sausage. An andouille would also do well.)

Since everything comes together quickly definitely get all your ingredients prepped. This means sausage sliced up, bell peppers julienned, garlic minced (I actually used my coffee grinder to mince mine up) and onions minced as finely as you want it.

Once those major things are fixed we are ready to go.

Heat oil and add garlic, onions, and jerk seasoning and let that heat up, then add in your sausages and bell peppers,

Sausage mixed up with bell peppers, jerk seasoning and onions

Mix that up so that it gets coated with the jerk then we add in your coconut milk so it can start to simmer down.

Sausage mix with coconut milk added to it to simmer down

Simmer the coconut milk with the sausages for a few minutes, then we want to add in our pasta that was already boiled.

Pasta added to the sausage and coconut milk to now blend flavors

Then it's to let this all simmer down until the sauce is thickly coating the pasta. There is no cheese in this recipe.

Do not worry if the coconut milk is looking watery, just leave it to simmer, stirring occasionally and it will thicken.

When the sauce has reduced you can add salt and black pepper to taste. Also, some basil leaves or even some spinach, if you want to.

The finished dish of coconut milk pasta in a white bowl

Tips & Tricks

You can use any sausage you want to use. I loved the smoked sausage but an andouille sausage in this pasta will also be a good option. Hot dogs are also usable.

If you don't like onions it would be a good idea to mince them with the garlic.

Don't be limited by my basic mix. Other things you can add in:

  • Spinach
  • Corn kernels
  • Mushrooms
  • Snap peas
  • Frozen mixed vegetables

This needs to be served hot.

Even when rewarming leftovers, make sure that everything is warmed all the way through.

The microwave is the best option.

I would not freeze this or reuse after two days after making it.

A white bowl with pasta and sausages and bell peppers

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