Sorrel Rum Punch

23.12.21 | Recipe by Renz

Quench your thirst with this refreshing sorrel rum punch (hibiscus rum punch). A boozy Sorrel drink infused with a gingery simple syrup and fresh citrus juices. Just what's needed to be in your glass as you enjoy your family this holiday season.

In this picture we have a mini punch bowl of sorrel rum punch with orange slices  and a peel of lime on the side.

Oh sorrel, we just love having you around this time of the year.

Christmas time is not the same for Caribbean households without some sorrel to drink.

But here I am to give you something different to make with that sorrel we must have. A sorrel rum punch.

This is not just the regular sorrel drink with some rum. This is a nice twist and combination of the quintessential Caribbean rum punch and the Caribbean sorrel drink.

This cocktail is a full intense flavor from the juice from the hibiscus flowers, some gingery syrup, and a blend of fresh citrus juices that makes it zesty and intense. And let's not forget the rum.

A good Caribbean cocktail is always a good thing, right? Another one of my favorites that is different from a traditional cocktail is the Bahamian gully wash.


Keys to a delicious rum punch

The trick to this sorrel rum punch is using fresh citrus juices. The fresh juices give a great flavor profile and add more depth to the sorrel drink.

The gingery sweetness helps to combat the slight tartness of the juices.

Normally we include two types of rums (light and dark) but we only use one here, light, to not overpower all the flavors.


The main ingredient here is hibiscus juice. It is the key ingredient.

Then with the additional citrus juices, we have been able to make a concoction that is pretty easy to make, and delicious!

A picture of the ingredients needed to make this rum punch recipe
Ingredients for making sorrel rump punch. Image of grenadine is missing

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Fresh ginger - to make simple syrup
  • White rum - I actually used sorrel-flavored rum from Angostura. Any white rum will do. I have also made it with coconut rum. All worked well.
  • Sorrel juice
  • Grenadine
  • Angostura bitters
  • Citrus slices for garnish - Lime wedge, orange slices, lemon slices
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Spices (optional) - Clove or cinnamon sticks

How to make simple syrup?

This is the best sweetener for use in drinks where you want the sugar to blend in easily since it's already dissolved. I always have on hand to sweeten my iced coffee and it can be used in other ways.

Making your own simple syrup is quite easy.

I basically add 1:1 for water and sugar. Dissolve the sugar in water over medium heat. We don't want it to come to a boil. As soon the sugar melts remove it from the heat.

If I'm trying to infuse it with a flavor, I add the item after the sugar dissolves and let it boil for a little. Then I let the mixture steep for about an hour and let it cool.

I may make a thicker syrup if I'm going to use it to sweeten something that may need to be on the sweeter side.  So instead of 1:1, I'll do 2:1 and cook as usual. And I would cut down the amount I would use in the cocktail.

Once I use a flavor, I use a strainer to separate the liquid.

And as usual, I store this and leftovers of my liquids in small mason jars.

Making sorrel rum punch

Rum punch making is pretty easy. Just throw everything in and mix. Some people like to use a cocktail shaker, but it isn't necessary.

I personally prefer to combine the juices first, then add the sugar syrup. Combine those.

Add in the remaining things, not including the bitters.

Taste and adjust if needed as it relates to sweetness and tartness.

Then add bitters.

And put to chill.

Serve this delicious hibiscus rum punch over ice and garnish it with a slice of orange or a lime wheel or even a few hibiscus flowers. You can even add a cinnamon stick to glasses prior to serving.

This is a close up of the rum punch with a slice of orange in the glass

Can this be made ahead?

Yes, this drink can be made ahead of your event. Actually, having it sit for a while really helps the flavors to blend together. Just don't add the garnishes to the drink yet until you are ready to serve.

When sitting for a while, sediment from the sorrel may drop to the bottom. Make sure you give it some nice stirs occasionally while it's sitting in the punch bowl. 


This is best made and left to sit for a little while so that it can all blend together. So making this ahead is great. Just try not to drink it out.

Make it ahead and let it sit in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

If you use fresh juices, that you squeezed yourself, then know that in about a week's time, the juices will start to get a little sour.

If you used packaged juices it will last longer since those have some preservatives.

Can this be made without alcohol?

You definitely can omit the liquor. You might need to add some cups of water to dilute the flavor a little. Don't add any water till after you have combined the flavors and tasted.


I don't have any sorrel mixture pre-made: If you happen to not have any sorrel drink on hand you can use some hibiscus tea bags. Steep 4 bags in 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Allow it to cool and sweeten it slightly. Then use that as your replacement. Additionally, you can make juice just for this using dried sorrel.

I don't have fresh juices on hand: You can use boxed juices if you have to. Try to stick to brands that are not too acid.

I don't have any fresh ginger: You can use ginger powder instead. About 8 tablespoons (more if you want a much stronger ginger taste. Add it all with water and sugar to dissolve. You may not need to strain it.

Glasses of rum punch with some sorrel flowers and a lime peel

What to pair with this delicious punch?

A good rum punch needs something to help with the alcohol. In Trinidad and Tobago, when we are out drinking we love to pair with light foods, usually fried that we call cutters.

So you can easily grab some geera chicken neck, pholourie, some accra or curry chickpeas to munch on while having your drink.

Or even with a slice of some citrus rum cake.

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